Simmi Singh – Bio, Age, Sister, Boyfriend, Family, Net Worth

This modern generation has witnessed the emergence of amazing technologies and a series of quite interesting social changes. The various social media platforms gracing the internet has contributed a lot to these changes. YouTube, as one of these platforms, has proved to be not just for entertainment but also an enterprising one for the likes of Simmi Singh.

Currently, the YouTube personality has amassed hundreds of subscribers to her channel and in addition to her online career, Simmi is an actress, a martial artist, as well as a dancer.

Simmi Singh’s Bio (Age)

The multitalented Simmi Singh was born on the 25th of May, 1989, under the Gemini star sign. Her place of birth is Florida State in the United States which gives her the American nationality but her ethnicity is Indian.

She graduated from the University of Florida where she studied Business Administration and later on majored in Health Science. However, Singh revealed that she never liked the course she majored in, stating that she only studied it because she was influenced by her sister and her parents seem happy with it.


Before Simmi finished her college education, she worked at her family’s restaurant as a waitress. Besides that, the beautiful and talented YouTube star has also ventured into series of occupations, including working as a cashier in a store for a while before finding herself walking down the path of the fashion industry as she has worked with American Eagle Clothing Line where she was hired as a Sales Associate before landing the position of Assistant Manager for the company V/SUAL.

From the little experience and knowledge, she had gathered, Simmi Singh went to work as an assistant stylist for a fashion designer who also happens to be her friend. However, she had to leave the job for the position of a pharmacy technician at a well-established pharmaceutical store known as CVS which she revealed was a wrong move as she eventually hated the job.

After trying her hands in different occupations it was finally time for the zealous lady to do what she’s really passionate about which is acting and with the support of her family, Simmi Singh started creating hilarious clips which she uploaded on her Facebook page. Later on, she found her way into YouTube and soon ventured into full-time vlogging.

Her first YouTube channel which she launched on the 10th of October, 2011 was named Simszter. Simmi basically used the channel as a means to showcase her acting skills via comedy skits which caught the attention of many viewers who were entertained by her works. Her comedy clip My Indian Mum which shows the different reactions to situations between the white mums and the brown mums with both mums portrayed by her.

Apart from comedy skits, Simmi Singh also uploads challenges, pranks and beauty tip videos on her channel. She also showcases her dancing skills in various videos which she gladly shares on her channel.

Moreso, the sensational internet personality got a few chances to act as she has been seen in a few TV series like Just Another Nice Guy released in 2017 and she was cast in the short film You’re Sexist.

Net Worth

Sources have revealed that Simmi Singh has amassed a net worth estimated to be around $240,000. The source of her wealth can be traced to her various careers, especially her online ventures, including her YouTube channel.

Family: Sister

Simmi Singh and her family are indigenes of Phagwara Punjab and from what we’ve gathered, we know that her father is a successful businessman who owns a flourishing restaurant while her mother is a supportive partner.

The internet star has two younger brothers, whose names are not given and an elder sister named. Her sister is also a YouTube personality popularly known as ‘Superwoman’.

Simmi and Lilly share a very close bond and Simmi has always looked up to her sister as her role model. Simmi revealed that one time, her parents felt she and her sister, Lilly were losing the sense of their own culture and they were sent to India to reconnect with their roots and master the Indian culture. After spending more than five years in their ancestral home, the sisters became well rooted in the Indian culture and could speak their language fluently.

It is also clear that the whole family is a closely knitted one as Simmi Singh always uploads pictures of her family members, especially her parents and she even features them in her clips.

Who Is Simmi Singh’s Boyfriend?

Talking about the romantic life of the YouTube star, it is evident that she is an item with who is also a YouTuber known as FouseyTube and sources have it that they have been dating since early 2018.

At first, Simmi was just Yousef’s manager and assisted him in making videos but as time went by, their friendship grew stronger and the ongoing rumor of their relationship was confirmed to be true.

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