Sitara Hewitt – Bio, Age, Measurements, Net Worth, Ex-Husband, Parents

Sitara Hewitt – Bio, Age, Measurements, Net Worth, Ex-Husband, Parents

Women of the 21st century have taken the lead in certain facets of life. Unlike many of their predecessors, they have come out of their shells to showcase their various talents, passions and abilities in several spheres of endeavors and one of such spheres is the movie industry. There are millions of women in the industry all over the world making the female gender proud with their successes. One of such women is Sitara Hewitt, a Hollywood/Bollywood actress who is known for her television and movie roles.

With a rather uncommon academic background and ancestry (British and Pakistani), Sitara grew up learning various languages and been exposed to academic field research. However, she didn’t follow in her parent’s footsteps but rather choose a career in theatre. She began her career with the television show, Little Mosque on the Prairie. This show was a Canadian television sitcom created by Zarqa Nawaz and produced by WestWind Pictures, originally broadcast between 2007 and 2012 on CBC.

She has been on other television shows such as game shows, sports programs, etc, as its host. She is also a good dancer who has showcased her talent in various Bollywood movies. Let us take a closer look at the gorgeous actress.

Sitara Hewitt Bio

Sitara Hewitt was born in Elora, Ontario, Canada on December 27, 1981, to Dr. Kenneth and Farida Hewitt. It is not known if she had or has any siblings but it is an established fact that she spent the rest of her childhood days in Toronto. Nothing is available on the elementary, secondary, and tertiary education of Sitara, however, she is said to be fluent in Urdu, the lingua franca of Pakistan. She also speaks English well and a bit of Balti.

It is not certain the exact date Sitara Hewitt began her entertainment career however word has it that she kicked off her career as a dancer. She practiced and performed various types of dancing and they include classical ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and modern dance. Her versatility attracted Indian movie producers as they began casting her in movie roles. In 2002, she starred in the 2002 Bollywood cum Hollywood movie Deepa Mehta’s. This was just the beginning as she has continued to grace cinematic screens in subsequent years.

She is very popular for her role as Rayaan in the Canadian situational comedy, Little Mosque on the Prairie. It was a series that ran from 2007 to 2012 and before productions stopped, it had released 90 episodes. Asides from acting, Sitara is also a television host; she co-hosted the show You Bet Your Ass and has also hosted the shows Playtime and Double Down.

Lastly, Sitara is a model. It is not certain when her modeling career kicked off but she has graced the covers and pages of several magazines in North America with her stunning looks. She also has a website where she shares tips on health and fitness.

Sitara Hewitt – Bio, Age, Measurements, Net Worth, Ex-Husband, Parents
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Parents, Ex-husband

Dr. Farida and Kenneth Hewitt are the parents of the gorgeous actress who were both professors at Wilfrid Laurier University. Sitara Hewitt spent most of her childhood days in the Himalayan mountains, specifically in the Hunza Valley of Gilgit-Baltistan as her parents conducted research in this area, hence, the reason for their residence. Her mother is of Pakistani origin while her father is from Wales, England. She was raised by Christian parents as records show that both her parents were devout Anglicans – one of the largest Christian denominations in the world.

Sitara in search of love met Jessie Pavelka and the duo got married on September 18, 2009. Nothing is known about how they met or where their wedding took place. The marriage lasted for over 5 years and was blessed with a son, Rowan. However, catastrophe struck in mid-2015 when unreconcilable differences began to arise in the relationship hence leading to a divorce proceeding. The divorce arrangements lasted for about a year and were finalized in 2016. The couple has, however, remained good friends and are sharing parental duties.

 Jessie Pavelka is a former athlete and currently a fitness expert and television personality. He played football in senior high and in college but dropped it to focus on health and fitness. He attended the University of North Texas (2001–2003) and would later become a fitness guru, that competed in a couple of competitions. He also went on to become a fitness model that appeared on the covers of various magazines. He currently resides in Denton, Texas, and is a practicing fitness instructor that organizes well-being workshops and seminars.

Sitara Hewitt Net Worth

Everyone with a legitimate business makes some kind of income, whether little or large. The same can be said about actresses and actors, musicians, dancers, and other entertainers; while some earn huge amounts that run into millions, some earn much less. Sitara Hewitt is one of those celebrities whose source of income is generated solely from her entertainment career. Even though her current monthly and yearly salary is unknown, she has managed to amass a net worth that several analysts have placed between $250,000 to $1 million.

Body Measurements

A good body physique is not what many people are born with. While some grow to have a good body physique, some others work on theirs through exercise and proper dieting. Sitara Hewitt has an admirable body physique, it is not known if it came naturally or was engineered by some activities. According to research, she has a height of 5 feet 7 inches, weighs 58 kg, and has sizes 33-25-35 for her breast, waist, and hips respectively. She has a perfectly toned flat tummy.

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