Sofia Cabello – Bio, Age, Facts About Camila Cabello’s Sister

Sofia Cabello – Bio, Age, Facts About Camila Cabello’s Sister

Many will be familiar with the name Camila Cabello, a Cuban/Mexican actress and singer-songwriter who rose to fame as a member of the girl group Fifth Harmony, formed during the second season of the X Factor in 2012. However, very few are aware she has a lovely kid sister named Sofia Cabello.

Sofia, though not a music or movie star, has her own thing going on. Anyway, fame is naturally contagious and once a family member gets struck by the bug, fans would stop at nothing in wanting to familiarize themselves with the rest of the family. Sofia started gaining unusual attention from the public after her sister dedicated an RDMA Award she won for Best Collaboration to her.

Sofia Cabello’s Bio (Age)

Sofia was born on April 2, 2007, in Florida as Sofia Isabella Cabello to the family of Alejandro Cabello and Sinuhe Cabello. Her father, Alejandro, is a Mexican who immigrated to the US before Sofia was born while her mother, Sinuhe, happens to be a Cuban.

It was quite a challenge for the family while moving from Mexico to the United States. Her mother, who was an upcoming singer at the time, worked in the shoe department of the store ‘Marshalls’ to support the family.

The teenager happens to be the only one in the family to be born in America. Aside from the fact she is attending a junior school in Florida, nothing else is known about her education.


Sofia Cabello at the moment is still under the care and protection of her parents and have no career. However, from the activities she has been engaging in, it can be easily predicted that she might end up being a music artist. Following her social activities on Instagram, one could conclude that Sofia has an exceptional interest in music just like her mum and her elder sister, Camila. She has been spotted in her sister’s show on several occasions.

In spite of the age difference, Camila loves to hang out so much with her sister. Both siblings have so many videos on Instagram where they are singing. It can be said that music runs in the veins of Cabello’s family. However, no one can tell whether or not she will end up being a music star since she still has a lot ahead of her. But ultimately, her educational background and a new passion for other vocational activities will serve as influences that will propel her choice of career.

Sofia Cabello – Bio, Age, Facts About Camila Cabello’s Sister
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Facts About Camila Cabello’s Sister, Sofia Cabello

1. She has a growing Instagram handle and an active Twitter account. Being active on various social media platforms has exposed her to fans both within the United States and other countries. Though she is only posting short videos of herself, so many people really appreciate and love what she does with her accounts.

2. Sofia is one of those privileged to be of mixed ethnicity. As stated earlier, her father is Mexican and her mother is Cuban. She is a citizen of the United States of America by birth.

3. As of this writing, she is 1.55 m tall. Sofia is admired for her full black hair and brown eyes. Other measurements like her shoe size and dress size are not available.

4. Sofia Cabello is not a music artist or actress, she has no source of income. Yeah, at the moment, there are no income-generating activities that can be used to measure her net worth.

5. Sofia was at one time featured on an episode of Awesomeness TV’s Fifth Harmony Takeover. The TV channel, known for its multidimensional style of conducting interviews, once hosted Sofie Cabello in one of its episodes. It was one of Sofia’s most memorable moments, one that she says she won’t forget in a hurry.

6. Her sister Camila Cabello, who is her only sibling, was born in Havana, Cuba in the town of Cojimar in East of Havana. Her father was born in Mexico City and is a Mexican who later moved to Cuba where he met his wife.

7. Sofia Cabello has a YouTube channel where she posts videos of herself singing alongside her sister. The channel which was created sometime in 2017 has garnered so many subscribers.

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