Sofia Vergara Son, Husband, Sisters And Family

We all know her on-screen family… the Pritchetts and the Dunphys have not only entertained us over the years, they have inspired us. Many have watched her maneuver her days as Gloria Pritchett, but today we are going to peel away her TV reality and take a look at Sofia Vergara’s family off the screen.

Sofia Vergara’s Family

The actress has quite the big family and it would take a while to check every single person out today, so we have narrowed it down to Sophia Vergara’s son, husband and her sisters. Before we get into that here is a list of all her family members.

First, her mother and father are Margarita Vergara Dávila de Vergara and Julio Enrique Vergara Robayo, the two are currently divorced. The star has two brothers and their names are Rafael and Julio Vergara. The star also has two sisters called Sandra and Veronica Vergara. Then there’s her husband and son, Joe Manganiello and Manolo Gonzalez-Ripoll Vergara.

To think that’s just a cross section of her whole clan, but as much as we would like to climb higher up her family tree, or go lower, it’s time for us to check out her son, husband and her sisters.

Sofia Vergara’s Family; Her Son

For those of you that do not know this, Sofia is a mother and make no mistake, he’s no baby. Manolo Gonzalez-Ripoll Vergara, was born on 16 September, 1992 to the actress and her first husband, Joe Gonzalez. He graduated from college in 2015 and he has a lot going for him.

Sophia had Manolo two years after her marriage to his father and she was just 20 years old at the time. The couple divorced a year after his birth and as such Sofia was saddled with the responsibility of raising her baby on her own. Here is what she had to say about the whole process.

‘ I was really young when I divorced his father, so I raised him trying to set the best example and give him the best that I could, when people compliment me on him, on how well mannered, how charming, funny and well-behaved he is, it makes all the sacrifices worthwhile.’

He is slowly following in his mother’s footsteps as he made his modeling debut in a photo spread for Paper Magazine. The shoot was inspired by the films of Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar. He also dabbled in a little bit of acting in 2014 when he appeared in a Head & Shoulders commercial with her. We don’t know about you but we sense he is destined for great things.

Sofia Vergara’s Family; Her Husband

The actress has been married twice, once to Manolo’s father and more recently she has been married to an extremely handsome hunk of a man. We are talking about Joe Manganiello, according to E!News, the good-looking pair first started dating in July, their romance heated up in no time right before our eyes.

They were first spotted together sometime in July, during the early stages of their courtship, he even attended her birthday party later that month on July 11. It was evidently serious from the beginning as he was not afraid to have dinner with a cross section of his lady love’s family.

Rumors of an engagement popped up in August when Sofia was spotted donning some suspicious bling, but they were shut down after it was revealed that the ring and matching necklace was a sample from her Kay Jewelers So Sofía line. By December, Mr Manganiello put a real ring on it.

Finally on 25th November, 2015, the couple, with the support of friends and family, tied the knot and they have been waxing strong since then.

Sofia Vergara’s Family; Her Sisters

The A-lister has two sisters and their names are Sandra and Veronica Vergara. Sandra seems to be more out there in the limelight than her sister Veronica. Sandra is actually Sofia’s cousin she was adopted by her aunt Magarita when she was just a month old, due to her mother’s failing health.

She is currently trying to make her mark in the movie industry. The upcoming star has voiced out that she is not using her family connections to make it in the industry, her work ethic and sense of pride is definitely commendable.

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