Sommer Ray Bio, Mom, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Family And Quick Facts

Every generation has that one innovation or set of innovations that shape its society, some bring about immediate large-scale changes, some lay the foundations for a new era. From the Stone Age discovery of fire to Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press to Thomas Edison discovery of electricity. Each of these galvanized the world economy at an unprecedented scale. The birth of the internet was a turning point in man’s journey of civilization. Without the internet, Social media would have been non-existent and all the allied industries that have sprung up as a result. Sommer Ray is one of the many beneficiaries of the financial rewards of the social media explosion.

Sommer Ray Bio

Sommer is an American born social media personality, model and fitness enthusiast from Colorado. She was born on 15th September 1996. She was exposed to the life of physical fitness very early in life. Sommer’s father was a competitive bodybuilder which played a role in inspiring her to begin her career in the same field and work hard towards excelling at it.

In 2013, Sommer Ray, like every other youngster, began exploring the then relatively new social media platform Instagram, she began posting pictures of herself in the gym during work out sessions. Over time, her beauty and well-curved body began to garner attention especially from the male folk and eventually ladies who wanted to be fit like her. The pictures became more frequent, sexy and raunchy, it was only a matter of time before brands and modelling agencies began to circle around. With her growing fame, she attracted more endorsements, and as pictures of her impressive butt made more rounds on the internet she ventured into bikini modelling. She is the present face of many companies making swimsuits and female underwear

Sommer Ray’s Mom, Family

Sommer’s mother Shannon makes regular appearances in some of her videos. In her early days, she used to be a beauty writer, and, like her husband, had a brief stint as a competitive bodybuilder. Sommer’s elder sister Savannah Ray is also a budding social media personality in her own right. As we spotted earlier, her father is a fitness instructor and was an early influence in her interest in fitness.

Sommer Ray’s Boyfriend

For someone as beautiful as Sommer, it is only natural that there is a lot of interest in dating her as well as who she is hanging out with. Rumours were rife that Sommer was dating another YouTube celebrity and game freak Rice Gum. The pair are often seen together in a lot of Sommer’s videos and Instagram posts, Rice Gum is a Vietnamese YouTuber born as Bryan Le, he also has an impressive following online with more than 6.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

But most recently, sources close to Sommer have revealed that she is dating American actor and singer Max Ehrich. The couple made their first public appearance at the Happy Death Day premiere at Universal Studios Hollywood in October 2017. The couple met through a mutual friend, actress Bella Thorne. Ehrich just got of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Disney Channel star , in July 2017.

Their relationship which just started after the summer of 2017 has got Sommer completely swept off her feet. They not only spend a lot of time together, they are gearing up to work together. Sommer will be starring in Ehrich’s music video for his song Can’t Forget Her Now.

Sommer Ray’s Net Worth

The exact amount of money accruing to social media personalities is a topic that generates a fair amount of debate, this is because the different platforms vary in terms coverage. Sommer Ray comfortably sits at the top of the Instagram ‘fit list’. This a clique of Instagrammers who post mostly pictures of their fit body and work out videos. She earns as much as $26,275 per post on Instagram. On the average, each of her posts attracts around 500,000 likes on a regular basis. By this calculation, she rakes in around $5.2 million per year, and this is just from Instagram posts! She has an impressive 17 million followers on Instagram.

Quick Facts About Sommer Ray

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Body Measurements: 32-24-38

Bra Size: 32B

Weight: 55 kg

Dress Size: 8

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