Sordid Details Of Ed Henry’s Affair Scandal and The After Effects On His Work And Family

Ed Henry’s journalism career may still be haunted by the squalid details of an adulterous past but this wasn’t always what he’s known for. Born Edward Henry in 1971, in Queens, New York, the television personality earned a Bachelor’s degree in English from Siena College in Loudonville, New York. It was way back in 2003 that he started out as a political analyst. In that capacity, he served on two local radio shows on WMAL, Washington D.C.

Ed worked for CNN before skyrocketing to the position of Chief White House Correspondent for Fox News Channel in 2011. He has received some notable awards which include the 2005 Everett McKinley Dirksen Award for Distinguished Reporting of Congress from the National Press Foundation and the Merriman Smith Award for Presidential Reporting Under Deadline Pressure. Let’s take a look at how his career and family have fared over the years while dwelling on the scandalous affair hanging around his neck.

Facts Surrounding Ed Henry’s Scandalous Affair

The ugly scandal could not have surfaced at a worse period for Ed Henry as rumours of it began trailing the public sphere in 2016, while he was busy basking in his booming career as a Fox News Correspondent. The affair is alleged to have been initiated while he was on the U.S. presidential campaign trail for Fox News and reportedly lasted for a period of ten months.

Who Did He Have The Affair With?

As it was exposed, Ed Henry cheated on his wife with Natalie Albrandt. Also known as Natalia Lima, this brunette has been getting a lot of attention as the woman the popular media personality had an affair with.

Natalie has some very sexy pictures of her in the public light and reports have revealed that she and Ed crossed paths via social media and subsequently turned their friendly conversations into sexual exchanges. They later met at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas; that was in 2015 and it marked the genesis of a 10-month affair after the media man invited her to his room.

Natalie has been described as a stripper for one Sapphire Club. It is said that she has been working there for a long time but she has denied this several times, insisting that she is a celebrity stylist and a good Christain girl.

Why Natalie Exposed The Affair

Natalie claimed that Ed Henry almost never made mention of his wife and that she was upset after finding out about his marriage. A colleague of hers revealed that Natalie confronted him about it and threatened to expose him if he didn’t make things right.

Anyway, it has long been confirmed that the Vegas hostess went on to expose gripping details of her affair with Henry to In Touch magazine. The shocking images of their intimate text messages can be found on the pages of the magazine. She also disclosed how they had sexual entanglements every time he visited Sin City and how much of a high sexual appetite Ed has.

How The Scandal Affected Ed Henry’s Career and Family

Ed Henry’s wife, Shirley Hung happens to be the Deputy Washington Editor for NPR, which obviously makes her a public figure like her husband. The duo tied the knot in 2010 in Las Vegas, the same city Ed is reported to have had the affair with Natalie Lima.

Shirley has been silent about the incident, but one can only imagine how she must have detested the news of her husband’s affair with a woman reported to be a Las Vegas stripper. Despite the incident, the two have remained married; they have two children. Meanwhile, Ed has refused to say anything about the scandalous affair with Natalie Lima.

It is no secret that the extramarital affair with Lima cast a  fog on Ed Henry’s political journalism career. Following the revelation of the affair, Fox News made him step down as its White House Correspondent. The news channel stated that he needed to take some time off to deal with his marital issues.

What Is Ed Henry Up To Now?

After being off the air for nearly four months and suffering a dent in his public image, Ed is picking up the pieces of his career. He teamed up with Sandra Smith to co-anchor America’s Newsroom on Fox News. It later emerged that he would be focusing on general assignment reporting as the chief national correspondent of the outlet. Hardly can anyone tell how the hiccup in his career affected his earnings but Ed Henry seems to be doing just fine.

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