Soumaya Domit – Bio, Children, Siblings, Family Life Of Carlos Slim’s Wife

Soumaya Domit – Bio, Children, Siblings, Family Life Of Carlos Slim’s Wife

With wealth comes unimaginable power which can be a good or bad influence on anyone who wields it. Soumaya Domit chose to put her influence as the wife of one of the richest men in the world to good use. This is why she is still remembered many years after her death as someone whose philanthropic acts touched many lives.

She was married to Carlos Slim who occupied the coveted title of the richest man in the world from 2010 to 2013, according to Forbes business magazine. Their relationship was one of a kind and to date, her wedding picture still adorns the wall in her home as her husband has not remarried since her demise and even keeps a worn-out picture of her on his desk. Learn more about the woman who won Slim’s heart and held on to it since 1964.

Soumaya Domit’s Bio

A descendant of Lebanon’s Gemayel family, Carlos Slim’s late wife was born in 1948 in Mexico City, Mexico. Her ancestors belong to a Lebanese warlord clan known for losing their dignity during the 1975 Lebanon civil war. This aspect of her heritage was only dug up many years after she passed on which is no surprise as most of the time, her marriage to a world-class business magnet got all the attention.

Soumaya Domit was caught under the media radar following her marriage to Carlos Slim Helú, a business mogul who has acquired millions of shares in several companies in Mexico. Carlos is also the CEO of Telmex, América Móvil, as well as his conglomerate Grupo Carso through which he controls a lot of companies and resources in Mexico. In 2010, Forbes named him the richest person in the world and he held on to that position until 2013. He is currently the fifth richest in the world (2019 estimate) but in Latin America, he remains the richest – his net worth of $63.1 billion made it possible.

While she was married to him, Soumaya Domit was the ideal woman for her husband. She supported his business undertakings in any way possible, especially in the philanthropic moves he made to give back to society. One of the humanitarian initiatives she took part in was the creation of a legalized structure for organ donation. Even after her demise, Soumaya continued to impact society. In her memory, her husband founded a private museum named Museo Soumaya in 2011. The non-profit establishment is located in two buildings – Plaza Carso and Plaza Loreto in Mexico City.

Children, Siblings, and Family Life of Soumaya Domit 

She was born into the family of Antonio Domit Dib and Lily Gemayel Domit. Soumaya Domit was reportedly raised alongside four siblings but only one – her brother Michel Domit Gemayel is quite known to the public. Soumaya and Carlos met through their mothers who were friends; Lily Gemayel Domit died in 1998, a year before her daughter passed.

Soumaya Domit – Bio, Children, Siblings, Family Life Of Carlos Slim’s Wife
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Both Maronite Christians of Lebanese descent, Soumaya Domit, and Carlos Slim Helú met in 1964. At this time, the savvy businessman was 24 while she was still in her teens. They were raised in the same neighborhood, just a few streets from each other, and the two families were brought together by their moms who were friends with Lebanese-Mexican heritage.

Carlos and Soumaya obviously fell in love, solemnizing their union in 1966. Sequel to their wedding, the couple toured the world for their honeymoon which lasted for 40 days. They visited cities and countries like England, Greece, Naples, Spain, New York, and France. The initial time they spent together must have played a big role in tightening their bond and also leading to the birth of their first child, a son named Carlos Slim Domit. After the first child which came in 1967, the family expanded more with the arrival of five more children. They had two more male children – Patrick and Marco Antonio, as well Soumaya (named after her mother), Vanessa, and Johanna. There are also grandchildren – Emiliano Slim Torruco, Carlos Slim Torruco, and Marielle Slim.

It was a peaceful home for the Slims until kidney complications claimed the life of their matriarch in 1999. Soumaya Domit was 51 at the time of her death. Her husband has made sure her memories remain with him forever and went as far as declaring his intentions to stay unmarried.