Spencer O’Reilly – Biography, Family, Facts About Bill O’Reilly’s Son

Spencer O’Reilly – Biography, Family, Facts About Bill O’Reilly’s Son

Ask Spencer O’Reilly, he’ll tell you it’s tough being the child of an important social figure and celebrity, especially one with Bill O’Reilly’s history and professional achievement. Ever since he was born, the media has not stopped taking an interest in his life, and it’s not unusual to find paparazzi hanging around hoping to get a picture of the lifestyle of the infamous television personality’s son. His father has decades of experience in journalism and is renowned for hosting several top-rated television shows such as The O’Reilly Factor.

The award-winning host and journalist endeared himself to the American public for his confrontational interview style and his blunt but intelligent interactions with leading figures from all niches. Despite the ups and downs that have come from his familial ties with the famous reporter, Spencer is doing a good job of balancing the pressure out.

Spencer O’Reilly is an American teenager and the second child of former FOX Sports anchor and journalist Bill O’Reilly. Were it not for his father’s popularity and connections, Spencer could easily pass off as just another teenager with no defining or extraordinary qualities about him.

Spencer O’Reilly – Biography

The younger O’Reilly was born in 2003 to Bill O’Reilly and his wife Maureen McPhilmy. His exact date of birth is not known as both he and his parents have managed to keep the personal details of his life private. Speaking of his early childhood or what school he attends, nothing revealing has come to light on that front. Perhaps, the reason there is a dearth of information about Spencer O’Reilly is due to the fact that he is still in his growing years and hasn’t really started granting interviews or speaking publicly about his life to people other than friends and family.

Spencer was caught in the whirlwind of his parent’s separation for several years, and the mess that it dug up must have affected him in a very adverse way. However, things got a little better after the divorce and bitter custody battle were settled. His mother filed for full custody of Spencer and his sister, claiming that his father had been physically and emotionally abusive towards her and would probably transfer that aggression to the children if he was granted custody. His sister testified in court that she once witnessed her father, Bill dragging her mother by the neck, all the way down the stairs. Her statements were shocking and Bill was vilified when the news went public, the journalist claimed that it was all a lie, but the court sided with Maureen, and granted her custody of their children.

Following his parent’s divorce, Spencer O’Reilly has continued to go about his affairs, attending school and socializing like every kid his age. Although it couldn’t have been easy, he has managed to put the bitterness behind him. He currently lives with his mother and her new husband, Jeffrey Gross. Spencer hasn’t been rumored to be dating anyone, but that is not surprising considering he is still a young man with many years ahead of him to fill with romance and other life pursuits that interest him.

Spencer O’Reilly – Biography, Family, Facts About Bill O’Reilly’s Son
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His Family

Spencer is the second child born to Maureen McPhilmy and Bill O’Reilly. He has an elder sister named Madeline who was born in 1998. His mother worked as a public relations personnel for a leading firm, where she serves as an executive. On the other hand, his father worked as an anchor, television personality, journalist, and author with several published books to his name.

The man was one of the leading newsmen in the business and he served at FOX until his career was derailed by numerous sexual allegations which began in 2004. After several legal settlements to the women he sexually harassed, which ran into millions of dollars that FOX News had to bear, the network finally sent him on a sabbatical before eventually letting him go.

Spencer O’Reilly’s parents got married on November 2, 1996, but the marriage only lasted 15 years before it imploded. His mother filed for divorce citing torture and abuse. Their union officially ended in September 2011, leading to a custody battle that lasted several years before judgment was given in favor of his mother in 2015.

Facts About Bill O’Reilly’s Son

1. Although Spencer O’Reilly hasn’t decided what he wants to do with his life yet, he has big dreams, but for now, he is keeping his options open.

2. He gets along well with his step-father and still hangs out with his birth father, Bill from time to time.

3. Spencer is a brilliant student who regularly earns good grades in school.