Spies In Disguise: All About Team Will Smith & Tom Holland’s Comedy Animation

Spies in Disguise is an upcoming computer-animated film from the stables of Blue Sky Studios. Troy Quane and Nick Bruno are making their directorial debuts in this animation film. Spies in Disguise will feature the voices of top American celebrities like , , , , Rachel Brosnahan, , , Masi Oka and .

Read on as we unravel what the upcoming film is all about, the various members of the cast and its scheduled release date.

What is Spies in Disguise All About?

The spy drama is loosely adapted from Lucas Martell short story, titled Pigeon: Impossible, published in 2009. The screenplay for the upcoming film was written by Brad Copeland. The film tells the story of Lance Sterling, a known spy, and his sidekick Walter Beckett, a smart young scientist, in their mission to save the world from threats that seek to harm her.

Beckett goes on to develop what he called biodynamic concealment to aid in their fight to save the world. Sterling transforms into a pigeon by unknowingly ingesting the contents of Beckett’s latest invention. Spies in Disguise simply tells the tale of how Sterling manages to stop Tristan McFord, a cybernetic madman terrorizing the world, despite being a small creature.

Cast and Characters in Spies in Disguise

Who are the various actors and actresses that made the voice cast for this upcoming 2019 animated film?  In the beginning part of this article, we mentioned a few of the Hollywood actors and actresses named as part of the voice cast, although we did not point out all the characters they would be portraying.

Award-winning American actor Will Smith will be playing the Lance Sterling character. Remember Sterling? The spy who accidentally turned into a pigeon. Tom Holland will be portraying the voice of Walter Beckett, Sterling’s scientific sidekick. Beckett is also known to have graduated from the prestigious MIT at a teenage age of 15.

Popular American actress Rashida Jones will star as Marcy Kappel, one of the security agents tailing Lance Sterling. The villain of the upcoming film, Tristan McFord, will be portrayed by award-winning actor Ben Mendelsohn. McFord is a known terrorist who uses technology to cause mayhem. Spies in Disguise is simply a fight between good and evil- Sterling and McFord.

Popular American actress Rachel Elizabeth Brosnahan will be voicing the character of Gidget Garcia. Karen Gillan will feature as Eyes while award-winning record producer and media personality DJ Khaled will feature as Ears.

American-Japanese actor, Masayori Oka, otherwise known as Masi Oka will feature as Kamora, Tristan McFord’s right-hand man. Other members of the voice cast of the upcoming action spy film include Reba McEntire and Carla Jimenez. Jimenez, an American film and television actress of Mexican/Costa Rican descent, will star as Molly in the upcoming film.


Release Date

20th Century Fox initially planned the release of Spies in Disguise for January 18, 2019, but was later pushed it to April 19, 2019, and then finally to September 13, 2019. On May 10, 2019, 20th Century Fox announced that the release date for the computer-animated movie has been shifted again, this time from September 13, 2019, to December 25, 2019, being Christmas Day.

Fans and followers of Spies in Disguise has seen quite a number of trailers released by the production company. The first trailer for the upcoming film was aired on November 1, 2018, which sparked quite a lot of renewed interests and expectation in the hearts of movie lovers.

To further tease prospective audiences, 20th Century Fox released a second trailer on July 1, 2019, after they had extended the release date of the full film to December 25, 2019. The second trailer was more like a teaser intended to whet the appetite of the already hungry viewers. The third and final trailer till date was aired for the first time on September 27, 2019, with just a few weeks to go before the premiere of the main film.

The executive producers of Spies in Disguise announced that Disney Movie Insiders points will be granted eligibility to purchase the upcoming film tickets. This move will be the first of its kind in the history of 20th Century Fox or Blue Sky Studios.

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