Spies In Disguise Cast: Actors And Actresses Behind The Characters

Just how much do you know about Spies in Disguise – the upcoming animated spy comedy film produced by Blue Sky Studios? Spies in Disguise, which is loosely based on Lucas Martell’s 2009 short animated film, Pigeon: Impossible, has an ensemble cast. Notably, it will be the first Blue Sky film to be released by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, after acquiring 20th Century Fox. Scheduled to be released on Christmas day 2019, the movie will also mark the directorial debut for animators – Nick Bruno and Troy Quane.

The plot revolves around two super spies – Lance Sterling and scientist Walter Beckett, who are exactly opposite of each other. While Lance is smooth, suave, and debonair, Walter, on the other hand, is not. What Beckett lacks in social skills, he more than makes up in creating the awesome gadgets that Lance uses on his epic missions. When things take an expected turn, the duo suddenly has to rely on each other to save the world. If this odd couple can’t figure out how to work as a team, then the whole world would be in peril.

Although it was initially scheduled to drop on January 18, 2019, the release date was later moved to April 19, 2019. Thereafter, the date was shifted again to September 13, before Disney announced that the release date would be moved to December 25, 2019. While we are waiting for Spies in Disguise to hit the theatres, we have taken time out to bring you the stars that make up the ensemble cast.

Meet Spies in Disguise Cast: Actors and Actresses Behind the Characters

Will Smith

The talented American actor lends his voice to Lance Sterling, described as the world’s most awesome spy, who is accidentally turned into a pigeon. has an impressive résumé with lots of acting credits under his belt. He has also won several awards for his awesome performances and musical career, including four Grammys.

Tom Holland

Best known for his role as Peter Parker, who doubles as Spiderman – the fictional superhero, plays the role of Walter Beckett, an MIT graduate and the scientific genius who designs gadgets. He inadvertently turned Sterling into a pigeon with an invention of his and must now help him return to the human form again.

Rashida Jones

lends her voice to the character of Marcy Kappel, one of the agents of the security forces who seems to be in pursuit of Lance Sterling. Asides being a cast member of Spies in Disguise, Rashida is also famous for her role as Ann Perkins on the NBC comedy series, Parks and Recreation.

Ben Mendelsohn

Ben lends his voice to the character of Tristan McFord, who is a technology-based terrorist mastermind with a left bionic arm that controls world-threatening drones. Meanwhile, he is Sterling’s arch-enemy and his main mission objective. Asides Spies in Disguise, is also known for his appearance in the 2010 crime drama, Animal Kingdom.

Rachel Brosnahan

Best known for her role as an aspiring stand-up comedian Mirian Maisel in Amazon Prime Video’s series , Rachel Brosnahan is also one of the cast members of Spies in Disguise. She lends her voice to the character of Gidget Garcia.

Karen Gillan

Yet another prolific actress on this list, is a Scottish actress and filmmaker. She is best remembered for her role as Amy Pond, a companion to the Eleventh Doctor in the BBC One’s Doctor Who series. Also a cast of Spies in Disguise, Karen plays the role of Eyes in this crime thriller.

DJ Khaled

Famed as one of the world’s best DJs and songwriters, rose to prominence during the ’90s following his stint as a radio host on Miami hip hop station, 99 Jamz. He also stars in Spies in Disguise, where he lends his voice to the character of Ears.

Masi Oka

Masi Oka is an American actor of Japanese descent, best known for his role as Hiro Nakamura in the NBC series, Heroes, as well as the role of max Bergman in Hawaii Five-0. Also among the cast of Spies in Disguise, Oka lends his voice to the character of Kamora, Tristan McFord’s henchman.


Carla Jimenez

Wrapping up the list of Spies in Disguise cast members is Carla Jimenez, an America actress of Costa Rican and Mexican descent. She is famous for her role notable movies such as Little Britain USA, Miss March, and My Name is Earl, among others. Carla lends her voice to the character of Molly.

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