SSSniperWolf Boyfriend, Real Name, Wiki, Sister, Net Worth

SSSniperWolf is an American Youtube sensation who has found fame thanks to her love for gaming (particularly Call of Duty), cosplay as well as animation. With 6 million subscribers and counting on her self-titled Youtube channel, SSSniperWolf is despite criticisms, only going strong. She is gradually parlaying her online fame into the mainstream. In April 2017, she added TV host to her repertoire when Fullscreen made her host of their new show titled Clickbait with SSSniperWolf. The game show, according to Deadline features “social media influencers pitted against one another in ludicrous challenges.”

SSSniperWolf Real Name, Wiki, Sister

SSSniperWolf’s Real Name is Alia “Lia” Shelesh. She began playing video games when she was just 6 years old and got the nickname name SSSniperWolf from a gaming character in Metal Gear Solid, which was her favorite game as a kid. In order to get her and her younger brother to stop fighting, Lia’s dad got her her first gaming console, a Play Station, when she was 8 years old.

Lia has two younger brothers and a kid sister whom she is very fond of. Regular visitors of her Youtube channel and social media pages have seen numerous videos of Lia and her kid sis.

Lia who was born on October 22nd, 1992 is 8 years older than her sister, a fact she revealed in one of her videos. She was born in England but as her family grew to include two more children, her parents relocated from their overcrowded apartment to Arizona, US.

Always labeled as the weird girl while growing up, SSSniperWolf has revealed that she began playing video games to prove “that girls can play and be good at video games too.”

Sniper graduated from high school one semester early and then proceeded to attend a local community college. However, it didn’t quite work out as she loathed every day of it, thanks to rude teachers, getting constantly hit on by guys and lack of friends.

Not even a transfer to a different college changed her emotions towards college. Wolf had transferred to a different school where she began studying pharmacist, however, her dislike for chemistry added to her plight. She switched to nursing but that didn’t quite do any magic. Soon she was fed up and decided to drop out.

In January 2013, Lia started her YouTube channel, SSSniperwolf. Fast forward to about two years later, she had hit 1 million subscribers, that number enjoyed a rapid rise to 2, 3, 5 and 6 million in 2017. She has over 1 billion views.

SSSniper is really talented with her fingers, in addition to pressing gamepads, she is good with craft. In one of her Youtube videos she revealed, “I like to make stuff…I’ve always been into crafts, like making things around the house, making bracelets, decorating—you know, Martha Stewart s***.”

Her love for craft is what led her to create her second YouTube channel LittleLiaWolf, in 2014 where she posts DIY videos.

SSSniperWolf Net Worth

According to Forbes, Lia has successfully parlayed her mammoth internet following into lucrative partnerships with Activision, EA, Ubisoft, and Disney. She was named among Fobes’ 2017 list of Top Influencers in the Gaming category. While no figure was placed on how much she makes from her uber-popular YouTube channel, Forbes hinted that members of the 10-man list are able to mint millions annually.

Her garage includes a Nissan 370Z, and a Mercedes S550 coupe. That said, the exact figure of her net worth isn’t known, however, we speculate that it is low 7 figure.

SSSniperWolf Boyfriend – Evan Sausage

SSSniperwolf has been in an on-and-off relationship with fellow vlogger Evan Sausage. Sausage, upon seeing her initial YouTube videos sent her messages that cracked her up. The two developed a friendship that later led to romance. After a period of dating, they bought a house together. Wolf revealed this in a video posted in 2015 where she also said that they would most likely get married. Wolf has taken fans through the progress of their relationship posting videos with titles like “We Broke Up,” “Break Up Update,” and “How We Got Back Together.” However, she has been criticized and accused of using her relationship status to drive viewership on her channel anytime it seems to be getting low.

There has been an unconfirmed rumor surrounding their relationship that Lia is only dating Sausage because he is the actual person behind all her gameplay videos and live streams. The rumors began to swirl after many began to wonder why a girl as hot as Lia would be dating uhmmm a non-six-packed non-Hollywood-esque Sausage.

SSSniperWolf Facts

She has two dogs named Kaz and Tuna.

Lia is incredibly good at hula popping. “When I was in sixth grade, I got top prize in my school for a hula-hooping contest,” she revealed in one of her videos. “Weird, but I am crazy good at hula hooping.”

She didn’t see a doctor for 12 straight years. Lia revealed this fact in one of her videos posted in 2014 which made it 10 years since she last visited a doctor. She revealed that the reason was that she was “terrified because a doctor made me take off my clothes for no reason in front of my mom when I was a kid, so I’ve not been to the doctor since then, and I don’t ever think I can.” When she finally overcame her fears to see a doctor in 2016, she told fans about it.

Lia was accused of wanting to do p*rn after she contacted P*rnhub via Twitter. She debunked the rumors in a video saying that she only contacted the p*rn site to notify them that people were reuploading a solo p*rn on the site with her nick SSSniperwolf.

She has been arrested twice. First was in 2013. Rumors had it that she was arrested for armed robbery but the Youtube star has severally debunked the rumors.

Lia and her boyfriend Sausage were arrested in August 2016 after “neighbors called cops [because] they heard screaming & I got arrested for disorderly conduct,” she posted on Twitter. The screaming began after her boyfriend decided to use a strange girl’s pic as his phone background picture. Wolf called the incident “the dumbest thing ever.”

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