Stephanie Corneliussen – Bio, Parents, Height, Age, Spouse (Orgi-E)

Stephanie Corneliussen is an actress, a model, and writer. Although she has now come to be known mostly as an actress who began her career in 2000, she actually started off in her home country of Denmark as a model when she was only 13. She would go on to cover and feature on popular magazines including Playboy and Vogue as a model while as an actress she has appeared in notable movies such as Mr. Robot and Legends of Tomorrow.

Stephanie Corneliussen Biography and Age

It was on April 28, 1987, that Stephanie Corneliussen was born in her home country of Denmark, Copenhagen. It was there that she was raised living with her grandmother, the actress grew to be crazy about movies since she was only 5 because her grandmother would always read the fairy tales of Danish writer, Hans Christian Andersen for her. She got too much into them that at that early age she wanted to tell stories and entertain.

While attending Johannesskolen school in Frederiksberg, Stephanie was always eager to perform in school plays and music performances because she was good with the guitar. Her problem, however, was that she had serious stage fright. When she was able to take charge of her fright, she gave a performance that saw her auditioning for a place at the Anne Marie Wessel at the Royal Theater Ballet School which however did not work her way even though she loved to dance.

It was after this that Stephanie Corneliussen was persuaded by Jaqueline Friis Mikkelsen to join a model search, Supermodel of Scandinavia. Although she didn’t want to join, she was persuaded by the model that if she joined, she was probably going to win. Stephanie joined, won, and soon became an international model. Although she was traveling a lot, she also had some time to practice acting.

When she was 22, she decided to pursue her acting career and so she left for the home of acting, Los Angeles where she would spend a long time auditioning for various roles.

For the next two years, she would only have very little jobs to do before she could get a manager for herself. Her first serious role was in “Hello Ladies” (2014) which although was still little, opened doors for her to get some serious roles. Subsequently, Stephanie Corneliussen went for more advanced auditions which helped her to land a role in “Mr. Robot” in 2015, “Legends of Tomorrow” (2016), then “Deception” (2018).

Stephanie Corneliussen Parents

As already stated, Stephanie Corneliussen is Danish. She was not only born there, but her parents are also from Denmark. She grew up very close to her grandmother, her father, and her mother, all of whom have contributed in her career.

When she was a little girl of between 6 and 7, she used to play chess with her father who taught her how to play the game and would always beat her at it. After she lost her place in making it to ballet school, Stephanie went with her father who was a psychologist to get a school bag before she was approached by to join the model search that made her a supermodel when she was 13.

For her mother, though the actress and model had never been a fan of schooling, her mother emphasized that she needed to study. However, when she began her modeling career, her mother was always there to travel around with her until she was between 15 and 16 and then she was allowed to travel on her own because by that time she was already a sensible child. There are no suggestions that she has any sibling.

Spouse (Orgi-E)

As it has to do with her relationship life, Stephanie Corneliussen revealed that she is bisexual even though she doesn’t like the label. She was once in a relationship with her girlfriend who after they broke up, she went to a tattoo parlor to have the initials of her name to be camouflaged with a bleeding heart.

Corneliussen would go on to date and later marry Danish rapper, Orgi-E whose real name is Emil Simonsen. However, their union was not one to last forever as it ended in 2011. They called it quits after Orgi-E accused Stephanie of having a relationship with his friend and bandmate, Troels Neilson. The two have often been sighted together.


Stephanie Corneliussen is not only a woman with good looks but also one with a good height and body build. She has a height that measures ‎5 feet 11 inches (1.80m).

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