Stephen Curry’s Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Anyone that knows anything about the athlete knows that, his is a basketball family. Yes, his father is former NBA player Dell Curry and his younger brother, Seth Curry, also plays for the NBA. So this was not a career path chosen on a whim but make no mistake, he has earned his right to be in the NBA.

Stephen is often referred to as the best shooter in NBA history and prior to being voted the MVP in 2014-15, he went on to become the first player in NBA history to be elected MVP by a unanimous vote in the 2015-16 season. He has a pretty impressive portfolio there, but you know that’s not what we are here to check out.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the topic of his statistics starting with Stephen Curry’s height.

Stephen Curry’s Height

Some basketball players were born tall, but then there are others who hit that growth spurt a bit later on in their lives, can you guess which category he falls into based on Stephen Curry’s height of 6 feet 3 inches?

We won’t let you rack your brain, here’s the answer in form of a journey down memory lane. The young Stephen Curry was not tall and in addition to that he wasn’t built either. So there we had a 5 feet 6 inch, underweight adolescent who really wanted to shoot hoops for a living.

But the big guns were not going to notice him with an average of 20 points a game in high school, so one summer his dad decided to help him stand out by training him to change his shot, and years later he made a name out of it. Even today, he can still be described as ‘small’, the NBA is a tough crowd to please, but Curry has turned their skepticism into awe.

Despite the fact that at first glance he can actually be written off as nonathletic, the player has not let this become a limitation, Stephen Curry’s height is actually an added advantage.

Here is what his father had to say to ESPN about his accomplished son, ‘ He’s the everyman. He looks like the average guy when the public has a hard time relating to these super-tall muscular men. And despite that, he goes out and beats them at their game. Add to that the fact that he’s a down-to-earth, approachable guy, and you have the whole package.’

Celebrities who share Stephen Curry’s height are, Muhammad Ali, Prince William Duke of Cambridge and Chris Hemsworth. If you ask me, he is in pretty good company.

Stephen Curry’s Weight

Let’s get straight to it, Stephen Curry weighs 190 pounds or 86 kg, but do not be fooled by his lanky body, he is probably a whole lot stronger than people think he is. You want proof? Apparently, Stephen can deadlift 400 pounds.

On account of that, this is what Keke Lyles, a leading expert in injury prevention and maximizing body potential, had to say about Curry, ‘ Steph’s the second strongest on our team pulling that one, for his size, Steph is ridiculous strong.’

He keeps proving that body statistics do not matter when it comes to following your dreams, it’s all about maximizing potential. The fact is Curry prefers his weight at no more than a chiseled 190 pounds, so it’s his intention to avoid bulking up. Most of his work out routine focus solely on stability and harnessing his core strength.

This seems to be working out well for him and the Warriors assistant General Manager, Kirk Lacob testified to it, saying, ‘ The way Steph moves, 98 percent of the world would hurt themselves trying to run like that, I think people would pay to watch Steph work out.’

In addition to his work outs, you can bet that Stephen eats right, he and his wife, Ayesha Curry, believe in maintaining a healthy and organic diet. Having a healthy food blogger as a wife definitely comes in handy. They eat foods that are rich in protein, lots of vegetables and healthy starch.

So that’s how this NBA star maintains a good and healthy weight.

Stephen Curry’s Body Measurements

In addition to Stephen Curry’s height and weight, we have some of his statistics here for you. There is nothing out there on the athlete’s chest, bicep, and waist size, believe us, we literally checked under rocks.

On the plus side, we have his shoe size here for you. Curry wears a US size 13.5, a European size 46.5, and a UK size 13.

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