Is Steve Coogan Married With Wife And Kids Or Does He Have A Girlfriend

Is Steve Coogan Married With Wife And Kids Or Does He Have A Girlfriend

Steve Coogan is one of the greatest English actors to have graced the stage with the skill and talent he possesses. His talents are, however, not limited to just acting as he is a screenwriter, producer, and comedian as well. For all the work he has done in the film industry, Steve Coogan has been the recipient of a number of award nominations, some of which he has gone ahead to win. Being a celebrity, a lot of Steve’s fans want to know many things about his life with some asking the question, ‘Is Steve Coogan married?’

Who is Steve Coogan?

Born as Stephen John Coogan on the 14th of October, 1965, the actor was raised in Middleton, Lancashire which is where he was also given birth to. He is one of the five children of his parents- Anthony Coogan and Kathleen Coonan has and he has described his childhood as a happy one, especially as he had many foster siblings on many occasions.

Steve Coogan is of Irish descent and was raised to follow the tenets of Roman Catholicism but he is an atheist. Cardinal Langley Roman Catholic High School was where he had his high school education while his tertiary education was at Manchester Polytechnic of Drama.

Is Steve Coogan Married Or Does He Have A Girlfriend?

In all the times that Steve Coogan has been in the spotlight, he has been involved with a number of women. The first woman he is known to have dated is Anna Cole, who worked as a solicitor. Both of them dated from 1992 to 1996, and they have a daughter together. Anna broke up with Steve in 1996 while she was still pregnant with their child because he was cheating on her.

He is believed to have had sexual relations with at least three other women, one of who was an exotic dancer. All of these accusations led to the end of his relationship with Cole but he neither denied nor confirmed the stories.

Actress and singer, Courtney Love had revealed that she and Coogan had spent two weeks together, where most of their time was spent having sex that sometimes involved a sex worker. Love, who was the wife of the late Kurt Cobain, had warned people she knew about how recklessly Coogan lived especially when it came to drugs and sex

The next relationship he had was with Caroline Hickman. Hickman is a socialite to who he got married in 2002. The couple was together for three years before getting divorced in 2005. Caroline divorced the star on the grounds of “unreasonable behavior”.

By 2011, Steve was in another relationship, this time it was with the model, Loretta Basey. When Basey started to date Coogan, there was a significant difference in their ages. Like most of his romantic relationships, this came to an end shortly after it began with the couple splitting in 2014. It is not known who he is dating right now or if he is in a relationship.

Is Steve Coogan Married With Wife And Kids Or Does He Have A Girlfriend
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How Close Is Steve Coogan To His Only Child?

Steve Coogan has only one child named Clare and she is a result of his relationship with Anna Cole. Clare was born in 1996 and currently works for the Labour Party of the United Kingdom, the political party which her father supports. She recently accompanied her father to the BAFTAs where he was nominated for the award of Best Actor in a leading role for his performance in Stan & Ollie. The actor has described her as the best part of his life especially as her birth occurred at a time in his life when things were tumultuous for him. Clare was an anchor that kept him grounded and the relationship he has with her, according to the actor, is the most important one in his life.

Which Of His Brothers Are Hollywood Celebrities?

Steve Coogan is not the only member of his family who is famous, as earlier mentioned he has four siblings and of the four, his two brothers are celebrities as well. Martin Coogan, who is his elder brother, is a musician and music producer. Martin has been a member of two bands, the first being Judge Happiness, and the second, Mock Turtles. Of the two, the latter was the more successful band. Martin, who retired from being a musician, owns the record label Vibe Recording Studios – where he produces music.

Brendan Coogan is his other famous sibling. Brendan works as a television and radio presenter. He is mostly known for his time on the automobile show Top Gear, a job he lost because of a drunk driving conviction.

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