Steve Janowitz – Biography, Age, Net Worth, Daughter, Husband

In our society today, a lot of people get famous for reasons pertaining to their career successes or decline, marriage to a celebrity and even divorce among supposed “till death do us part” couples. Very rarely will you see someone or a couple getting famous due to the longevity of their marital lives. The reason for this is not far fetched, our society is riddled with many divorce cases and there seems to be no stopping how the numbers keep racking up. However, a man and his wife defied the norm and in fact got famous for how long-lived their marriage is, that man is Steve Janowitz and here, you will learn more about him.

Steve Janowitz Biography, Age

Steve Janowitz was born many years ago in the United States of America into a White-American family, he belongs to the White ethnic group and holds an American nationality. There are no further details of his background and childhood like who his parents were, what schools he attended and whether or not he had siblings.

Nevertheless, being that Steve had a job as a school teacher, we can assume fairly accurately that he toed the line of becoming an educationist while he was in college. His university days and career progression are also not documented or better put have not been made public. When they do, we are sure to let you know.

For his age, Janowitz has not revealed when exactly he was born, but going by his looks, we all know he is well advanced in age and can be rightfully regarded as a senior. Nevertheless, some online reports posit that Steve is the same age as his wife, and if that be the case, we can conclude fairly accurately that Steve Janowitz, the retired teacher was born in the year 1942.

Net Worth

Steve Janowitz in his heydays worked as a teacher and subsequently retired as one. He is reported to have accumulated a net worth of about $800, 000 in the course of his many successful and rewarding years of teaching students.

Family – Daughter, Whose Husband is He?

Janowitz got famous not only for being the husband of Joy Behar but also for how long their marriage has lasted. Records have it that they dated for 29 years beginning in the year 1982 before exchanging marital vows in August 2011 in a low key marriage ceremony. Their wedding had in attendance mainly their dear ones.

A lot of reasons were given by Joy on why their relationship lasted so long. Top on the list was that she didn’t want to get married while same-sex marriage was illegal in New York so she had to wait for it to become legal. Secondly, she got tired of asking for senior discounts for her boyfriend and for his constantly being referred to as “that old guy” by her relatives.

In addition, she also revealed that she didn’t want to be in a marital relationship with Steve while his parents were still alive. Weird right? She opined that she wasn’t cut out for all the drama’s that come with inlaws in marriages and wanted Steve Janowitz’s parents out of the picture before they took their forever vows.

On the other hand, Steve is not Joy’s first husband, she was previously married to Joseph Behar with whom he had a daughter named Eve Behar. Eve was born on 26 November 1970 in Long Island, New York. However, in the course of time, they split as she would come to begin a relationship with Steve Janowitz in 1982.


Around 2009, the two got engaged as Joy Behar was seriously considering marriage, however, when the pressures of what married life would be like became enormous on her, they called off the engagement but Steve remained true to her. Two years later, they finally took their forever vows and have been together since then.

The couple has no children together neither does Janowitz have a record of having a daughter from a previous marriage. At best, Steve is the stepfather of Eva Behar who is now a mother, thus making Joy and Steve grandparents.

Eva got married to Alphonso Anthony Scott in the year 2007 and bore a son named Luca Behar Scotti on the 28th of February 2011. Anthony is a physician assistant who trained at Touro College and now works at the Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan.

The retired teacher and his wife who is a comedian are having a time of their lives. The couple lives in a 1,400 square foot apartment situated on the sixth floor of their building in new york. Ever since they began dating till they got married and even now that they are still married, there has not been any traces or rumors of marital ills troubling their union. Perhaps, they are custodians of the recipe for longevity in marriage.

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