Who is Steve Martin’s Wife – Anne Stringfield and are They Still Together? 

Who is Steve Martin’s Wife – Anne Stringfield and are They Still Together? 

One of the greatest comedy kings in Hollywood is Steve Martin, whose career has spanned over five decades and he has still managed to remain relevant not only in comedy but also as a writer, actor, filmmaker, and musician. He has received several honors and surely, his popularity extends to members of his family like his wife, Anne Stringfield. This article brings you details of who Steve Martin’s wife is, and whether or not they are still together.

Who is Steve Martin’s Wife – Anne Stringfield?

Anne Stringfield is the eldest of the two daughters of James Springfield, a Doctor in Pensacola, Florida, and Margo Stringfield, an Archaeologist at the University of South Florida. Anne was born in 1972 in Pensacola, Florida, where she grew up and had her high school education at Pensacola High School before progressing to Davidson College, North Carolina, from where she graduated in 1994.

Before becoming Steve Martin’s wife and gaining popularity, Stringfield was [still is] a writer and she worked for Vogue as a freelance writer. She is a former member of the staff of New Yorker magazine where she worked as a fact-checker and editor. She also wrote reviews about art and off-Broadway shows in her free time.

Anne Stringfield met her husband in the line of work in the mid-2000s when she was the fact-checker in charge of one of Steve Martin’s comedy pieces that were to be published in the New Yorker magazine. The two had to talk many times over the phone and they just hit it off from there. According to the comedian, they did not meet each other in person until after about a year of talking on the phone.

The 27-year age gap did not seem to deter the pair from starting a relationship that would eventually lead to marriage. Due to a slight resemblance that Anne bears with actress Kristin Davis, she was mistaken for the actress when she was spotted with her then-boyfriend, Martin, and as a result, Martin was wrongly reported to be dating Davis.

On July 28, 2007, after dating for three years, the couple had an intimate wedding at the comedian’s Los Angeles home with 75 guests that thought they were attending a regular house party. Some of the celebrities present were American stage magician Ricky Jay, comedian and filmmaker Carl Reiner, and Martin’s good friends Tom Hanks and Eugene Levy. After the wedding, the couple had their honeymoon in the West Indies.

Are They Still Together?

Despite being married to someone as famous as her celebrity husband, Anne Stringfield, who prefers to keep her affairs private, has managed to stay out of the spotlight and support her husband from behind the camera, away from media attention. The couple has been sighted together on a few important occasions.

Who is Steve Martin’s Wife – Anne Stringfield and are They Still Together? 
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Before Anne, Martin was married to English actress Victoria Tennant for eight years before their divorce in 1994 but they never had a child together. Martin welcomed his first child at age 67 with Anne in December 2012, a daughter named Mary Martin.

The birth of their daughter created a huge buzz which made Martin the subject of several media headlines, the man even granted interviews to magazines and television shows about what becoming a parent at that age feels like, notwithstanding, Anne Stringfield still managed to stay away from the paparazzi.

In one of his interviews, Martin mentioned that he likes being a father at his age because he does not have to worry about his career anymore and so gets to spend a lot of time with his daughter.

At the 2015 AFI Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony, one of the few important occasions that Steve Martin’s wife has accompanied him to, an American comedian, Tina Fey teased her as a younger, thinner, smarter version of herself [Fey] during her speech to Martin. A joke Stringfield found funny and was shown chuckling repeatedly to.

Just like herself, Anne has managed to keep her daughter away from the limelight too, the young Martin has only appeared in the media a few times since her birth.

Even though she is not the celebrity wife that likes to appear beside her husband in every red carpet event, Stringfield’s marriage seems to be doing quite well and the couple is still together with little Mary growing up.

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