Stevie Boebi – Bio, Age, Parents, Family Life Of The YouTube Vlogger

What came to your mind the first time you heard the name Stevie Boebi? you actually thought it was a guy right? I thought so too until I discovered the famous American social media personality and internet sensation who became well known for uploading series of posts that borders on important issues which range from sexual orientation, sexual education and health is actually female.

In this age of digital revolution, Stevie has turned a basic tool of the internet-the social media into an avenue to create and raise public opinion with very good contents that often lead to hot debates within the public domain online. Her ability to present opinions that often spark debates attracted a lot of followership to her social media channels. She has about 346, 000 followers on Instagram, 170 thousand twitter followers, and over 705 thousand subscribers on her popular YouTube channel SassiBoB.

Stevie Boebi is one lady that can be termed as daring, adventurous and versatile; asides being a social media activist, she’s also into production and acting. Interestingly, she was bold and strong enough to come out publicly and talk about her sexual orientation,

Stevie Boebi’s Biography (Age)

The famous social media magnet was born Stevie Leigh Boebi on the 13th day of July 1988 in the City of New Orleans in the Southeastern part of the US state of Louisiana. As regards her racial status and background, she is American by nationality; belonging to the white ethnic group.

Very little is known in respect of her early childhood, name of parents and sibling. But Stevie made a shocking revelation during a question and answer section on one of her social media handles, where she said that her parents were drug addicts. Stevie Boebi further revealed that she lost her dad when she was 10 and she and her brother suffered emotional, physical, and psychological abuse from their mother until the age of 15.

With regards to her education, nothing is known about where Stevie Boebi had her high school education; however, reports revealed that she attended the Ohio State University, where she graduated with a minor in Pre-law and a major in Psychology and sexual studies.

She first made her sexual orientation public in a conversation with her grandmother, a woman whom she saw as the mother she never had. It was from that moment that Stevie picked the boldness and the encouragement to start getting involved in homosexual health and education campaign.

Her successful social media and internet career started in the year 2010 when she started a solo Youtube channel SassiBoB which was later renamed, Stevie. The channel serves as a platform for hosting contents related to sexual orientation, healthy sex life, dating, and relationships. The contents are often educative, and informative; thus making the channel an open ground for objective discussions. No wonder her channel keeps attracting massive followership to her due to its powerful and insightful inputs.

Parents And Family Life Of The YouTube Vlogger

It is obvious that Stevie and her brother had a rough time growing because they were brought up by parents who never really cared about them. As earlier mentioned, Stevie Boebi revealed that her parents were drug addicts; losing her father at10 and constantly abused by her mother until 15; it was really a tough childhood experience, but she had a grandmother whom she was very close to but unfortunately, she lost her too.

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Since Stevie Boebi came out public with her sexual orientation, she has been involved in several relationships with different partners and at different times too. Initially, she started by dating a fellow YouTube star Arielle Scarcella but the relationship ended after one year. She was then involved in another fresh love affair with an internet star Sara Croce. They eventually broke up when Stevie decided to move to a different apartment with her cat.

Following an end to their love affair, Stevie met Ally Hills another fellow YouTube star through a mutual friend, a British YouTuber Hannah Witton at a dinner party. Just like the others, the relationship survived for 12 months and everybody went their separate ways. As it stands now Stevie Boebi has not been spotted with any lover again and this means that she could be probably single.

Sources revealed that Stevie Boebi has 2 cats named Ziggy and Whiskey, but they are severely sick. They are suffering from a disease that could end their lives but Boebi is busy raising funds to treat them.

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