Su Yung – Bio, Everything About Rich Swann’s Wife, (The Wrestler)

Su Yung is a professional American female wrestler who has been around the female wrestling circuit for about 12 years now and has participated in a lot of thrilling wrestling matches and bouts, over the years. She is also a very loving wife, married to a professional wrestler just like herself, and they both work out together and share tips on how to get better in their craft all the time. Su works with the Canadian-based, American founded professional wrestling organization known as IMPACT Wrestling. She was once crowned champion in the IMPACT Knockout competition. Know more…

Su Yung Bio

Su Yung was born in Seattle, Washington in the United States of America on June 30, 1989; and was named Vannarah Riggs by her parents. Su Yung, as she is professionally called, has not disclosed any information about her parents – their names, who they are, what they did for a living, when they got married, how many kids they have/had, etc, to the public at all.

Though she is active on social media, she has never used that medium to disclose any information about her early childhood at all. She has equally chosen to keep her education history a mystery to the public, as there are no records of the educational institutions she attended or degrees obtained.

Everything About Su Yung (Rich Swann’s Wife)

Wrestling Career

Su Yung began her professional wrestling career when she was only 18 in 2007; she relocated to Tennessee in order to pursue her dreams, working for several wrestling organizers in the Memphis area of Tennessee. She eventually got her first big opportunity in 2010, when she featured in the main event of Championship Wrestling. She squared up against Tracy Taylor and won; that was the birth of the villainess – Su Yung.

She joined the WWE in 2010, and changed her name twice over the course of two months, first to Vannah, and then to Sonia to suit her new profile. She lost her debut match in the WWE to A.J. Lee and was released from her developmental contract in August 2011.

She moved on to join the Shimmer Women Athletes league for 7 years, also working side by side with Shine Wrestling Federation, before finally leaving them both in 2018 and 2014 respectively. She joined IMPACT wrestling since 2018 and has been with them ever since.

Marriage and Children

Sometime in 2012, Su Yung began dating a fellow professional wrestler popularly known as Rich Swann. Swann’s real name is Richard Allen Swann, and he is a former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and one-time cruiserweight champion. They dated for over five years, and towards the end of the 5th year, Richard proposed to Su Yung and she accepted. They got married in March 2017, and have remained blissfully married for more than two years since then.

The couple has not yet had any children together, as they are both focused on their individual careers right now, but in the nearest possible future they will finally settle down to have a proper family and have children.

Assaulted and “Kidnapped” By Her Husband

Sometime in December 2017 after a fight, while she was driving home with her husband, her husband was criticizing her performance in her wrestling bout, and somehow, the argument got out of hands and she had to jump out his slowly moving vehicle for fear that he could turn violent.

According to accounts from witnesses present on the day, Rich got out of his moving vehicle – which rolled slowly to hit a telephone pole nearby – chased after Su Yung, grabbed her by the arm and put her in a headlock, while dragging her back to their car. Eyewitnesses said that they saw Su Yung pounding on the vehicle’s window, as her husband sped off after this. Police arrested Swann on December 10, 2017, and charged him with battery and kidnapping – even though the victim was his wife.

He was later granted bail that day and released from prison. On January 25, 2018, all charges against Swann were dropped as prosecutors submitted that they did not have sufficient evidence available to proceed with the case.

Net Worth

Although the exact figure is not known, Su Yung is said to be worth between $100,000 to $300,000. She has been wrestling for more than a decade now and has accumulated some fair amount of money for her exertions in the ring. Her husband, Rich Swann is worth about $500,000.