Sunny Malouf – Bio, Family, Net Worth, All You Need To Know

Starting off early paid off for Sunny Malouf who hit her jackpot with the release of her first track. Her journey to stardom began at a very young age when she worked with choreographers, as well as modeling agencies which helped to get her ready for the limelight.

So far, this talented diva has worked with A-listers in her career field and like most upcoming stars, she has equally graced several commercials on TV and print media. Sunny is also making the most of YouTube to spread her dance videos and performances, in addition to her series titled The Sunny Project.

Sunny Malouf’s Bio

The singer cum dancer was born on March 2, 2004, in Dallas, Texas, the USA. Not much has been revealed about the rising star’s childhood but she apparently has supportive parents who saw to it that she got the right attention and training she needed to kick off her career. Starting off her career in music took her to different places, including Los Angeles, California, and Texas which couldn’t have been an easy period without the support of her folks.

Needless to say, Sunny Malouf began her career as a performer very early. She started with the commercials and worked with modeling agencies. She also trained hard with popular choreographers to hone her skills on the dance floor. Her breakthrough didn’t take long to come, precisely in September 2015, the singer joined the league of famous singers with the released of her very first single Lightning in a Bottle. The single released on iTunes features young American rapper Silentó. Just within a few days of hitting the playlist, the song became a hit and steadily climbed up the music charts. This was all Malouf needed to fan the embers of her burgeoning career. She subsequently jetted off to her DigiTour, performing before thousands of fans.

By 2017, Sunny Malouf was ready with her first album and has since continued on her trail to a successful music career. She has written and developed numerous tracks since her groundbreaking debut. She works under the stable of TMT Music Group and her career is managed by .

Being a cohort of Generation Z, Sunny Malouf saw the potentials on YouTube and expanded her career to the platform. Her channel on the video-sharing platform was created in September 2014 and she uses it to share videos of her doing cover songs, dancing, pulling off live music performances, among many other projects she’s working on.

On YouTube, the young entertainer boasts more than 101 thousand subscribers and has amassed a massive 2,651,841 views as of June 2019. Sunny Malouf is a huge star on Instagram where she has more than 1.1 million followers keeping up with her personal and career life. She also belongs to the musical group Team 10 – she joined the band in 2018.

Sunny has a personal goal aimed at sending out a positive vibe to young people in the world. Her major target is to help young people see the possibility of accomplishing their dreams with the help of hard work and dedication to their cause.

Her Net Worth

Her contract with TMT Music Group has put her music out for the world to feel. The stable which is headed by former professional boxer . has set Malouf on the right path to reach the peak of her career as a singer. Sadly, no specific amount has been confirmed as her net worth so far. This is despite the fact that some sources have her worth pegged at a little below half a million dollars. There is no doubt, however, that the young talent will make it big in the industry as she is made of the right stuff.

Sunny Malouf’ Family Life

Malouf comes from a very supportive family of five. Her parents are Liliann (mother) and Richard Malouf (father) who was a former dentist. She was raised alongside two brothers identified as Gavin and Richie. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is like a big brother to Sunny and equally serves as her mentor.

Sunny Malouf’s father lost his claim to the All Smiles Dental Centers – a dentistry chain he founded, following his involvement in a Medicaid fraud scheme.

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