Susan Pompeo – Bio, Age, Wiki, Family, Facts About Mike Pompeo’s Wife

Susan Pompeo – Bio, Age, Wiki, Family, Facts About Mike Pompeo’s Wife

Many times, the wives of prominent politicians tend to play a back seat role as their husbands go about their work. This has come to be the norm in the United States, specifically for those holding very high diplomatic positions. Against expectation, however, Susan Pompeo, the wife of the 70th US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, is known for not playing according to books. She has accompanied her husband on his trips abroad and has even held meetings on her own with other diplomats and their families. Read on to find out more about her life and achievements.

Susan Pompeo – Bio (Age)

Susan Pompeo was born on the 1st of February, 1965, in Wichita, Kansas. Information about her family and parents is not known to the public, as it is not clear who they are, what they did for a living, and whether she is the only child or has siblings.

The only available information available with regards to Mrs. Pompeo’s early life is that she attended a high school in her hometown of Wichita before enrolling at Wichita State University (WSU) where she was a Communications major. Following her graduation, Susan Pompeo became heavily involved with her school’s alumni association. She first helped with fundraising and coordinating other alumni events with the Wichita State Alumni Association before going ahead to serve as the President of the WSU National Alumni Association.

While still carrying on with her voluntary work, Mrs. Pompeo found work in private banking at Emprise Bank. She is said to have been charged with helping small business owners, a role she held as she went on to rise to become the Senior Vice President of the organization. In total, Susan reportedly spent fifteen years in the banking sector before leaving with a stellar reputation and the admiration of many people.


Susan Pompeo is married to politician Mike Pompeo, a former US Army officer, congressman, and CIA director whose most recent political position is as the 70th United States Secretary of State. The two exchanged marital vows in 1991 and have gone ahead to welcome one child into the world, a son named Nicholas Pompeo, born a year after their wedding in 1992. Not much is known about Nicholas other than that he has made New York his home and works at a tech start-up company.

Susan Pompeo – Bio, Age, Wiki, Family, Facts About Mike Pompeo’s Wife
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Facts About Mike Pompeo’s wife, Susan Pompeo

1. Susan is Mike Pompeo’s Second Wife

Susan Pompeo is Mike’s second wife, as he was previously married before he exchanged vows with her. In 1986, the politician married a woman identified as Leslie Libert. Close to nothing is known about his first wife and what transpired between the couple that led to their divorce, giving room for Mike and Susan to build a friendship that has led to a long-lasting marriage.

2. She is Active in her Husband’s Campaigns

Following the launch of Mike Pompeo’s political aspirations in 2010, when he was contesting for a seat in the United States House of Representatives, Susan played a key role in getting him elected. She did so by appearing in a 30-second campaign ad that was titled “Susan’s Boots”.

In the ad, Susan comments about her husband’s toughness and ability to get the job done, saying “just like his old army boots: tough, durable, and working step by step until the mission is done.” At the next cut, Mike steps in front of the camera and says, “I’m Mike Pompeo and I approve this message, and I’m crazy about the messenger.”

Speaking in an interview with reporters, Susan said that for some unknown reason, she has seemed to enjoy the tedious campaigning process much more than her husband did, and looks forward to the challenges it presents. She has since then played a significant role in both his campaigns and political career.

3. She Promotes the Advancement of Women in Politics

Susan Pompeo does not seem to harbor political aspirations of her own, however, through her role as a part of the organization, Dwight D. Eisenhower Excellence in Public Services Series, she works to promote the participation and advancement of women in politics, specifically in the Republican leadership in her home state of Kansas.

4. Susan and Mike are Evangelicals

Mike and Susan Pompeo are devout Christians who regularly attend the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Her husband is further said to be a deacon and a Sunday school teacher.