Sydney Maler Bio And Facts You Need To Know About The Instagram Star 

Sydney Maler Bio And Facts You Need To Know About The Instagram Star 

Sydney Maler is an American-born Instagram star, bikini model, and all-around bombshell. As a testament to how good she is at what she does, Sydney Maler was listed by Sports Illustrated as the ‘Lovely Lady of the Day on February 8, 2017.

Beyond her bio, this piece covers most of the facts one ought to know about the Instagram star.

Sydney Maler Bio

Records hold that Sydney Maler was given birth in Okinawa, Japan on the 8th of August, 1991. The pretty model was however raised in the United States, South Carolina to be precise; along with her two sisters and only siblings.

There is not much known about her early childhood as well as her high school education. Also, almost nothing is known about her sisters and what the beauties may be up to at the moment. However, Sydney has since relocated to San Diego.

Sydney Maler worked while attending college by offering horse training/riding lessons. From this, she moved on to waiting tables at Hooters and later delved into marketing. The marketing team of Hooters comes upon her experience radar as she was once a member of the team and was highly involved in the planning and organization of events for the company. Her job specification also included hiring girls who were to help in the promos. Maler equally handled promotions for other companies.

After several years in marketing, Sydney Maler’s interest shifted to modelling and amazingly, the cameras loved her. Her modelling career began when she took to doing minor modelling for small-scale companies. In 2013, she modelled as a representative of San Diego’s North County. The Japanese bombshell has since launched her own self-named website where she continues to post brilliant eye-popping pictures of herself. Sydney Maler has also been featured in magazines such as Maxim.

Facts To Know About The Instagram Star

Height and Body Features

It is well known that Sydney loves to appear superbly dressed at all times. As evidenced by her social media updates, the beautiful model and internet star loves to dress in sexy skin-bearing wear/bikinis and she also loves spending time at the beach. The model, however, insists that the bikini wears do little justice to her amazing frame and body build. According to her, the best and sexiest clothes she owns happens to be her birthday suit.

Sydney Maler Bio And Facts You Need To Know About The Instagram Star 
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Syndey Maler stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches. She sports a fit physique with an hourglass figure. Her body statistics are 34D-24-36 inches (86-61-91 cm). Lady Maler maintains her body weight at 60 kg. The glamour model sports a dirty blonde hair colour and she has gorgeous hazel-coloured eyes.

The Things She Loves 

As expected, your hot favourite model loves her job so much because it entails hanging out at the beach a lot which readily comes with tons of swimming and other water sports. She also loves the fact that she gets to take so many pictures and keep them. According to Sydney, the photos bring back the lovely memories associated with them whenever she sees them. The model who has visited tons of locations also attests that a Florida beach with a sandbar is her favourite location.

Unsurprisingly, Sydney Maler also loves and enjoys working out to keep her figure in good shape.

Syndey’s Online Presence

With tonnes of fans also come social media trolls, however, Sydney has a knack for handling such fans in a classy manner. The internet star and model who is in her 20s has a budding and ever-growing social media presence. She always lets her fans get a glimpse of her everyday life and has amassed well over 1.1 million followers on Instagram alone. Her influence also cuts across other digital platforms including Twitter, Facebook as well as Quora.

Sydney Maler has also featured in a music video of hip-hop artist Travis Scott and this helped her social media popularity to soar even further. Miss Maler is known to have studied Marketing in college with a minor in Psychology. The social media star aims to study further and get a grasp on advertising as well as the psychology behind it. She hopes that it would align with her current source of livelihood.

Sydney Maler Sexual Orientation

Sydney is all shades of straight as she expects her man to look masculine and very confident. She claims that nothing does this better than a pair of dark blue jeans and a clean white shirt.

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