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Emma Watson’s Education: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

It’s not often that we find celebrities who still take school seriously after making it big, and it’s quite logical why they would drop out. Going to school these days is not just about learning new stuff, it’s also about learning in order to be...

Emma Watson Height, Weight And Body Measurements

Years ago, she came to us as little Hermione Granger, but we can all testify to the fact that she is so much more than that now. So, today before we get started on Emma Watson’s height, weight, and body measurements, let’s get to...

Emma Watson Feet, Shoe Size and Shoe Collection

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson is a Parisian-born English actress and model. She is popular for the Harry Potter film series in which she played a central part as Hermione Granger. She has built her profile as a well-educated celebrity with a college degree, despite...

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