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Kevin Durant’s Height, Weight, Body Stats And Measurements

His name is Kevin Wayne Durant and he was born on September 29, 1988. Don’t mistake him for the actor, Kevin Durand, that’s a whole other ‘Kevin’ for another day. Let’s get in touch with our inner athletic being today as we check out the...

Kevin Durant’s Girlfriend, Wife, Brothers And Mom

We all know that basketball players and athletes as a whole are notorious for their way with the ladies, given their amazing build and even more impressive income, they are quite the catch. Nevertheless, Kevin seems to be as private as he can be when...

Kevin Durant’s Tattoos And House

Everyone is hopping on the ‘body art’ bandwagon these days, from actors to sailors to college students to bums. All jokes aside, it’s become quite trendy, forget your portraits and abstract art, body art is the way to go for maximum self expression. Before...

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