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Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur, investor, motivational speaker, and advisor best known for his public videos and advice and for being a partner to over 20 multi-million companies. He runs podcasts on love, happiness, health among others, and has a fan base estimated to be over 1.4 million in over 40 countries worldwide.

Tai Lopez Biography

Tai Lopez was born on the 11th of April 1977, but there is no information regarding his parents. We do know that he spent a part of his childhood with his mother and grandmother. He also didn’t have lots of friends growing up. As a youngster, Tai Lopez was known for seeking knowledge. He came across a book entitled Good life and decided to find out the secrets behind living life. This book ‘Good Life’ has been described as a philosophical puzzle posed by the ancient philosopher Aristotle.

Tai Lopez Grandfather

It was said that Tai consulted his grandfather who was also a scientist and wrote him frequent letters during his early years. Tai Lopez believed his grandfather to be one of the smartest people he knew. His grandfather made him understand that the world is changing and becoming too modern and complicated (he didn’t lie about that did he?). The wise grandpa also sent him a number of books that made his zeal for seeking out knowledge grow.

Reading & Exploring The World

Although the name of the college he attended is still largely unknown, sources have it that he dropped out of college while striving to find the good life because he knew that he deserved a whole lot better. It was while Tai Lopez was reading books that were passed down to him from his grandfather, that he got inspired to strive for a better life and if possible meet the authors of the great books he had read.

After a number of odd jobs, Tai Lopez saved up enough money and traveled to about 51 countries in a bid to meet these writers (sounds like something that deserves a world record). He did meet people as he traveled, it wasn’t said whether he actually met the said writers.

Tai Lopez also worked with the Amish milking cows and doing other assigned tasks. The Amish are a group of traditionalist Christian church fellowship who live the simplest of life and do not adopt any modern technology. He revealed that it was an experience he wouldn’t forget and a valuable experience.

Starting From Scratch

With only $47 to his name, no skills, and no degree, Tai finally moved into his mother’s mobile home in Clayton, North Carolina, and thought of ways to make money. Lying on his mother’s couch Tai asked himself various questions like whether he had failed by not getting any degree or skills.

In his bid to find a source of income, he looked through the finance section in the yellow pages and found a man called Mike. He met this man based on the fact that he had the biggest ad in that section and asked to work with him for free; in return, Mike would teach and mentor him on the secrets of business and finance. Surprisingly, Mike agreed and this was one of many steps he took to the good life he wanted.

Currently, Tai Lopez has a lot of businesses and investments all over the world; from nightclubs among other ventures to being a motivational speaker and mentor.

Tai Lopez’ Girlfriend/Wife

Tai Lopez is in a relationship with Kenna Alastair. She is an LA-based model and she has a very active Instagram account. It is believed that they met three and a half years ago based on an Instagram post put up by Kenna, but it is really unsure how long they have been together or how long they have been dating. We do hope to hear wedding bells soon.

Net Worth and Height

After wandering around countries in search of the good life, Tai Lopez finally settled down and figured out that the good life does not just fall into your lap, you have to work for it. He worked for it and today he is estimated to have a net worth of over $20 million.

There is no given information about his body measurements but based on appearance we believe Tai is about 5 feet 11 inches (could be slightly higher or lower).

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