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Tanner Fox is a Vlogger who runs his own Youtube channel and a professional stunt scooter rider born on the 22nd of December 1999 in San Diego, California. His fascination for practicing scooters and hoverboards started from his childhood.

Tanner started skateboarding when he was just 2 years old. He was also passionate about uploading videos on the internet from childhood. Tanner Fox depended solely on homeschooling that going to charter school only lasted for two days. He used to go read in a private Catholic school where he eventually got expelled for shooting videos during class hours. The reason for his expulsion eventually became the reason for his fame.

Tanner Fox Wiki

Tanner Fox is the creator of the YouTube channel MT films which is been fast developing and has attracted many viewers since it started. His channel has challenging and inspiring videos as well as scooter stunts. Tanner’s favorite stunt he likes to perform is the freestyle flair category. His love and dedication to his scooter stunts have helped a great deal in contributing to his successful career. Several of his videos also featured his best friend Jake Angeles who is as passionate as he is with scooter riding.

Being homeschooled has helped him in the development of his scooter skills as it allows for more time. Tanner is inspired by Dylan Morrison the well-known scooter rider famous for performing extraordinary and funny stunts on his vehicle.

Tanner is also associated with notably popular games like; Root Industries, Lucky Scooters, and Grind shop and has performed several video demos. He got the chance to collaborate with the popular Roman Atwood and even had a test drive in his GTR car. Furthermore, he has been linked with various professionals in the scooter-riding career such as Casey Neistat and Justin Stuart. They all helped in supporting the development of his career. At some point, Fox was featured in a Youtube Video titled BMX vs SCOOTER with Harry Main.

Youtube, Social Media & Brands

Currently, his Youtube subscribers are over 6 million. His main audience happens to be teenagers and he has over 3.4 million followers on Instagram.

Tanner Fox has a very active brand and sells branded T-shirts, sticker packs, and hats on the website tfoxbrand.com. He likes to spend time with his dog Kirby and even created an account for the dog which is maintained regularly. Tanner spends his leisure time with his family and friends. His favorite place in the world where he loves to visit is Barcelona, Spain.

Tanner Fox’s Girlfriend

There were rumors that Tanner had a girlfriend named Anna in the past who was a high school acquaintance but there has not been any official confirmation of that fact. However, sometime around April 2017, Tanner tweeted that he wanted a girlfriend to enjoy some romantic time with. He later confirmed he was involved with Taylor Alessia, who he took to Disneyland and they were spotted kissing.

Sister and Dad

Tanner has an older sister by the name of Lindsay Fox. She grew up with Tanner in San Diego, California. Lindsay is also a Youtube and Instagram sensation and has gained fame as Tanner’s sister. Her first videos on Youtube were “Exposing my brother” and “Sibling Tag with Tanner Fox”.

Not much is known about his dad but in one of his videos, Tanner had introduced a man known as Steve as his dad. He later clarified that Steve was his mum’s boyfriend.

Tanner Fox Cars and Accident

In August 2016, Tanner got himself his dream car- a Nissan GTR 2010. In September 2016, he changed the exhaust of the car and got new ones louder than the stock parts.

In November 2016, he posted a video where he was seen with another car that he had gotten in exchange for his Nissan GTR 2010. In the video, he explained that he had gone to get his car checked and got a sweet deal. It was a 2017 Nissan GTR Premium he got in exchange for his Nissan GTR 2010.

In the same month, Tanner and his friends Maverick and Danny were involved in a car crash. They were driving in Maverick’s car, a 240SX when they lost control and the car fell off a cliff. They all came out alive. Tanner had a split chin, broke his leg, and had marks on his shoulders. He later had surgery on his leg.


Tanner Fox has a height of 5 feet and 8 inches (172cm) and a weight of 62kg.

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