Taylor Giavasis – Biography, Facts About Nash Grier’s Girlfriend

Taylor Giavasis – Biography, Facts About Nash Grier’s Girlfriend

The internet has produced yet another star and this time it is Taylor Giavasis who happens to be the partner of the Internet sensation, Nash Grier. The pair have been dating since 2015 and recently in March 2019, they made it known that they are engaged. Moreso, the lovebirds will soon be parents as they are counting down to their baby’s arrival which is expected to be anytime soon.

On the career front, Taylor is also doing pretty well as her website, The Naked Diaries, which she launched in 2015 has gained a lot of popularity. She is also active on diverse social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. Get to know more facts about this Taylor as you read on.

Biography of Taylor Giavasis

The stunning Taylor Giavasis is an August baby as she was born on August 10th, 1997 in Ohio, the United States. It is believed that she completed her high school education but we are yet to confirm whether she has any college qualifications. However, Taylor is currently enjoying a thriving career on social media and she has shown her prowess in vlogging which is evident from the large fan base she has gathered over the years.

Taking a closer look into her online career, the internet sensation’s passion is traced to an incident that occurred when she met a young girl who had Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BBD). This ailment makes people very anxious about their physical appearance and they are easily affected by what people think about their bodies. Upon meeting this girl, Taylor was compassionate and in a bid to help her regain her self-confidence, she took a photo of her and made her understand that she was created beautifully. She went further to create an awareness program which she called The Naked Diaries, a website she created in 2015.

The main idea behind Taylor’s Naked Diaries movement is to sensitize women that their bodies are beautiful and they should be proud of their looks irrespective of their physical flaws. She encouraged women to share nude photos of themselves and tell their stories to the world via the website. It was initially a highly controversial issue and it attracted a lot of backlashing but that did not stop the resilient Taylor Giavasis to follow through with her course.

The social media sensation is also notable for sharing pictures of her body on her Instagram page where she has accumulated more than 621,000 followers. Furthermore, Taylor has an account with YouTube which she created in July 2014 and named it after herself.

How She Meet Nash Grier

Taylor Giavasis and her heartthrob, Nash Grier have enjoyed a long-lasting relationship since 2015 – when they met at the Paris Fashion Week. The pair fell head over heels in love with each other not too long after they met and the next year, they started making public appearances together. They made a grand entrance at the 2016 Teen Choice Awards and that same year, the rumor of their engagement started to spread. However, the ring that was spotted on Taylor’s finger was not an engagement ring, rather it was given to her by her mother.

Taylor Giavasis – Biography, Facts About Nash Grier’s Girlfriend
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After a couple of years of dating, Nash finally popped the long-awaited question in March 2019 and the proposal was a surprise arrangement. Taylor Gaviasis was swept off her feet and gladly accepted to marry him but they are yet to reveal their wedding date. In the meantime, the pair who are expecting their first child is happily preparing for the arrival of their bundle of joy.

Other Facts About Taylor Giavasis

1. Taylor Giavasis is known for being a bold lady who went against all odds to establish The Naked Diaries in 2015.

2. She has expressed her intentions to write a book in the nearest future about women.

3. Giavasis made her first Tweet back in 2011 saying ”Lessons learned: Think before you do”.

4. She is an avid follower of Osho Rajneesh, an Indian spiritualist who pioneered the Rajneesh movement.

5. Her boyfriend was the first person to break the news of her pregnancy which Taylor confirmed shortly after.

6. Taylor’s mother is Nikki Giavasis and she is an actress but her father’s identity remains unknown.