Tegan Marie – Bio, Age, Family, Wiki, All About The Singer

Tegan Marie – Bio, Age, Family, Wiki, All About The Singer

Tegan Marie is a talented singer who was barely a toddler when she started exhibiting her musical side. With the help of her parents, she got an account on the social media platform, Sweety High, where she uploaded song covers she made, and with time, she was able to draw a lot of attention to her talent.

Presently, Tegan is doing very well in the pursuit of her dream and career as she is signed to one of the biggest music labels in the world, the Warner Music Group. She has also dropped several singles and has performed in a variety of shows all over the United States. Get to know all about this budding talent below.

Tegan Marie’s Bio (Age)

Tegan Marie was born on the 25th of October 2003, in the city of Grand Blanc, Michigan State, in the United States of America. With regards to her education, it is obvious that Tegan is a student as she is still young but details of the school she is attending is not yet available.

The only aspect of her life that has been made public so far is her pursuit of a career in music and we have seen her create a niche for herself on social media platforms like YouTube and Sweety High.


Celebrity teenager has been very frugal when it comes to information about her family which leaves us with no choice but to make do with the tidbits we could gather. Although her father’s and mother’s name remain unknown, Tegan Marie has revealed her father’s face on her social media platforms and her mother has been seen in some of her videos. Sources also have it that she has a brother but his identity remains unknown neither has she revealed whether he is older or younger than her.

Tegan’s parents played a very pivotal role in the career of their daughter as her father was the first to spot her penchant for music and at the age of 3, he made a video of her singing Miley Cyrus‘s song ‘The Climb’ and he also created her personal account on the social media platform – Sweety High, a social media platform for talented girls. Currently, her dad and mum are still very supportive of her career pursuit and desire that she gets to the zenith of what she is doing in no distant future.

Know All About Tegan Marie From These Facts

1. She Rose To Prominence By Making Covers Of Trending Songs

Driven with the passion to make music, Tegan Marie started making covers of trending songs like H.O.L.Y by Florida Georgia Line which garnered more than 20 million views when she uploaded it. The singer has also made covers of songs by Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift which she posted on her Sweety High account.

2. She Is A Skilled Guitarist

The rising star who picked up interest in music as a toddler is also known to be very talented in playing the guitar, a skill she honed from the age of 6 and by the time she turned 8, Tegan was already writing songs and even had the opportunity to start performing on a national platform at 11.

3. She Was Signed On By A Mega-Music Label At 13 Years

When Tegan Marie turned 13, she was signed on by one of the biggest labels in the music industry, Warner Music Nashville and she is still with them to date. Also at 13, she made history as the youngest person to become a member of the prestigious unit known as The Country Music Association.

Tegan Marie – Bio, Age, Family, Wiki, All About The Singer
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4. Tegan Marie Has Performed In Many Shows Across The United States

The singer has performed in several shows which include Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day which was held in New York sometime in August 2016. After that came a performance on the popular Good Morning America show and towards the end of the year, Tegan Marie was at Washington, D.C where she sang ‘My Guy by Mary Wells. The next year, she was seen in California during the April 2017 Stagecoach Festival and by August 2017, she had performed in 6 events to commemorate the ‘Walmart Back To School Jam’

5. Tegan Marie’s Social Media Presence

The young country singer officially launched her YouTube channel on the 23rd of February 2011, sources have it that she currently has more than 92k subscribers and has garnered over 14 million views for her videos. Moreso, Tegan is very active on Instagram as well as Sweety High and has even met with the officials of Sweety High some time back in Los Angeles.

6. The Singer Has A Couple Of Songs To Her Name

Apart from her covers, Tegan Marie also has a number of singles she has released which include her debut song ‘Lucky Me’ 2016 which was followed by ‘Keep It Lit’ and ‘I Know How to Make a Boy Cry’ in 2018. She also released two singles titled ‘Horses’ and ‘I Don’t Know What Is’ in 2019.

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