The Cast Members And Voices Behind Disney’s ‘Fancy Nancy’ Characters

When the kiddies animated series Fancy Nancy Clancy hit the screens in 2018, parents who had little girls welcomed it with open arms because it embodied a lot of the qualities they wanted their kids to learn. The educative quality of the show soon had one parent recommending it to another until the first season became a major success. The series is an adaptation from a children’s book of the same name as written by Jane O’Connor. Beyond its interesting storyline, the voices behind Fancy Nancy is made up of an ensemble cast.

Fancy Nancy follows the daily life of six-year-old Nancy Clancy who lives with her parents Claire Clancy and Doug Clancy and has a circle of friends who flock around her for her refined taste. The name Fancy Nancy is derived from Nancy’s supreme enjoyment of very fanciful things and the french refinement which is evident in the kinds of outfits she wears and the trouble she goes to in creating them to be very elaborate. She does not stop there, she also takes time to teach her friends to be as fancy as she is.

If you are one of the people wondering about the voices behind Fancy Nancy, we bring you a list of the actors and actresses responsible for giving life to the characters of the series.

The Cast Members And Voices Behind Disney’s Fancy Nancy Characters

Mia Sinclair Jenness as Nancy Margaret Clancy

Unlike any other six-year-old, Nancy Clancy who is the main character of the series is creative and loves to live a refined life. She loves butterflies and has a cute little dog she named Frenchy. The character is voiced by stage actress Mia Sinclair Jenness.

Mia Sinclair who was born in 2005 has been active in acting since the age of six when she started appearing in stage productions. She has also been a part of tours for her work on Les Miserables.

Rob Riggle as Doug Clancy

The character of Nancy’s father was voiced by comedian, actor and retired US Marine Corps Reserve Officer Robert Allen Riggle Jr. He is best known for his many years on comedy shows like The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live as well as comedic films like Let’s Be Cops, Dumb & Dumber To, The Hangover and more.

Over the years, Riggle has become very good at being a voice-over actor. He provided voice in other animated series like The Simpsons and American Dad.

Alyson Hannigan as Claire Clancy

Actress and TV presenter voiced Nancy’s mother Claire Clancy. The actress is seasoned in Television works and has many awards to show for her talent. Her work in Buffy the Vampire Slayer earned her two awards. Besides Fancy Nancy, she has also provided voice in series like Robot Chicken and Sofia the First.

Hannigan confessed that when she heard the Fancy Nancy children’s book was being adapted into a movie, she immediately contacted her agent and insisted she would rather provide voice for Frenchy the pet dog than not being a part of the series at all.

Spencer Moss as JoJo Clancy

Jojo Clancy is Nancy’s three-year-old younger sister who is portrayed as a happy child. She giggles a lot, has an imaginary friend she calls Dudley and a stuffed animal she calls Mr. Monkey.

The character of Jojo is voiced by actress Spencer Moss who is also known for her work on other series like Chicago P.D. (2014), American Fable (2016) and Fosse/Verdon (2019).

Dana Heath as Bree James

Bree is Nancy’s next-door neighbor and best friend who is often saddled with the responsibility of helping Nancy execute her illusions of grandeur. She helps with sending out Nancy’s party invitations but also has her personal identity. She loves ice skating and has a dog named Waffles.

Bree James is voiced by young actress Dana Heath who portrayed the character excellently having had credits in other works like Scorpion (2014), PEN15 (2019) and Sydney To The Max (2019).

Recurring Cast of Voices Behind Fancy Nancy

Besides the main cast listed above, there are other characters whose roles are just as important in bringing the fancy Nancy series to live and they include:

Tatyana Ali as Mrs. James – Bree’s mother

Ruby Jay as identical twins Rhonda and Wanda – Nancy’s friends who many cannot tell apart.

Malachi Barton as Lionel – A boy in Nancy’s age range whose character is comedic and is portrayed as handsome with curly hair and blue eyes.


Hannah Nordberg as Grace – A girl who does not share the love everyone seems to have for Nancy. They are often at loggerheads and more of frenemies.

Blake Moore as Freddy James – Bree’s younger brother who is the same age as Nancy’s younger sister Jojo who is his friend.

George Wendt as Frank Clancy – Nancy’s maternal grandfather

Christine Baranski as Mrs. Devine – A neighbor to the Clancy family.

Chi McBride as Gus the mailman – He often distributes Nancy’s many invitations to her parties but can often be clumsy.

Ian Chen as Jonathan – Nancy’s cousin who shares her affinity for fancy stuff.

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