The Highs and Lows of Amy Klobuchar’s Political Career and All About Her Family

Over the years, the world has come to realize the huge untapped potentials of women in politics. Many women have risen to the highest political office in their different nations defying all the odds posed against them. American politician and lawyer, Amy Klobuchar is on the rise to joining the list of notable female politicians who have distinguished themselves in the male-dominated world of politics.

The astute lawyer currently serves as a United States Senator alongside Tina Smith representing the people of Minnesota. Klobuchar is also seeking to run for the highest office in America under the Democratic Party ticket. If successful, she would become America’s first female president joining the likes of Angela Merkel (Germany), Margaret Thatcher (Britain) and Dilma Rousseff (Brazil) who have achieved similar feats in their respective countries. However, in spite of the victories recorded so far in Klobuchar’s political career, it has not been without its failures also. Read on as we highlight the various highs and lows of the Minnesota Senator’s political career coupled with a little insight into her family.

A Look at Amy Klobuchar’s Political Career

Prior to venturing into politics and having graduated from Law School, Amy Klobuchar worked as a lawyer for some corporate law firms. She rose to become a partner at Gray Plant Mooty and Dorsey & Whitney law firms based in Minnesota.

As fate may have it, Klobuchar’s entrance into the world of politics was predicated upon the unfavorable treatment she received after giving birth to her daughter. The hospital evicted her forcefully 24 hours after she had delivered her child. The experience led Amy to advocate for a law that would grant mothers a 48-hour stay at the hospital of birth as against the 24-hour norm. The bill was passed successfully by both the Minnesota House of Representatives and Senate. The bill was later adopted at the federal level by President Bill Clinton.

Her First Political Seat

This remarkable achievement endeared Amy to many Americans especially women who now saw her as their advocate. Klobuchar held public office for the first time in 1998 when she emerged as county attorney for Hennepin County in Minnesota. As county attorney, she was furnished with absolute powers over criminal prosecution in the county.
The Minnesota attorney served as Hennepin County attorney from January 5, 1999, when she assumed office up until the end of her second term which expired on January 3, 2007. Prior to that, Amy Klobuchar also served for a year as President of the Minnesota County Attorneys handing over in 2003.

The attorney declared her interest to run for United States Senate after Senator Mark Dayton, then-incumbent senator representing Minnesota, announced that he would not be seeking re-election. Amy eventually won the Democratic Farmers Labor Party nomination on June 9 and later contested against Republican candidate Mark Kennedy and three other candidates from Independence, Constitution and Green Party respectively.

The vibrant lady emerged victorious in the keenly contested race winning 58% of the total votes cast making her the first elected female United States Senator from Minnesota. Amy Klobuchar is currently serving her third term in the United States Senate having won re-election in 2012 and 2018.

Reports About How She Treats Her Staff

Flipping over to her downtimes, it was gathered that one of the major low points in Amy Klobuchar’s political career came in February 2016 when BuzzFeed News, a popular news website in America, reported that the U.S Senator frequently humiliated and abused her staff. Politico also in a related story published an article that named Amy as one of the worst U.S Senators to work with. In addition, The New York Times also noted that she has one of the highest rates of staff turnovers in the senate.

In the heat of the several criticisms she got, Klobuchar’s office, however, refuted the claim which was collaborated by an open letter written by 61 former employees which stated that she was good to them.

Amy Klobuchar’s Family Members and What You Should Know About Them

Amy’s mother, Rose Heuberger, was a second-grade teacher while her father, Jim Klobuchar, was a columnist and sportswriter for the popular Star Tribune. Both her parents are retired from their respective professions. The United States Senator boasts of a Slovene heritage which she inherited from her paternal side.

The Minnesota Senator was only 15 years old and still in High School as at the time her parents divorced and it was reported that the divorce took a heavy toll on the teenager leading to increased tensions in her relationship with her father. Amy Klobuchar has one sibling, a younger sister known as Beth but not much is known about her except that she resides in America.

Currently, Amy is happily married to John Bessler whom she tied the nuptial knot with in 1993. Bessler is a professor of law at the prestigious University of Baltimore School of Law. The law professor also owns a private law practice in Baltimore, Maryland. The couple has only one child, a daughter named Abigail Klobuchar, a graduate of the widely acclaimed Yale College and currently works for Keith Powers, New York City Councilman, as a legislative director.

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