The New Wolverine: 3 Actors Top On The List To Replace Hugh Jackman

The New Wolverine: 3 Actors Top On The List To Replace Hugh Jackman

Seventeen years in the role and we can’t imagine any actor other than Hugh Jackman portraying the iconic X-men member that is Wolverine. If his stellar record playing the role is anything to go by, the new Wolverine actor has some really big shoes to fill in.

To replace Hugh, a search for a new Wolverine actor has begun, mostly by fans who are coming up with likely options the production company will choose from when the time finally comes and it will come soon enough. We came up with the top three on the list of possible actors to take the reins from Hugh Jackman.

Top Three Actors To Replace Hugh Jackman As The New Wolverine

Even though he has garnered so much love and respect for his depiction of Wolverine, Hugh Jackman has said it himself that he can’t keep up the act forever.

So, the question is, when the time is up for him to retire from the role, who will wield the retractable Adamantium claws after him? While there is no conclusion on this matter yet, one thing is clear, the best choice would be incredibly fit physically to be able to fit in and we are not leaving out one important fact, he has to be able to at least pull off the infamous Wolverine hairstyle without looking like a clown trying to appear fierce. Jackman had previously mentioned that Channing Tatum could replace him but does he really have that special ingredient?

In the quest for a new Wolverine, there are at least three likely approaches FOX could take to find the right actor. The network might go for an unknown actor and give him the platform to grow on the role as the movies keep rolling out. On an exciting ground, they may decide to stun fans with a female Wolverine, and Dafne Keen would be the best pick. On the other hand, an already established actor may take up the role of the new Wolverine. Notably, there are a lot of experienced actors out there who might be able to actually pull it off but we narrowed the search down to the top three.

Richard Armitage

For someone born in 1971, it wouldn’t be long before he has to retire from playing the role, that’s if he becomes the new Wolverine. But this phenom of an actor couldn’t be more perfect for the part. First of all, Richard Armitage looks a lot like Jackman and has an insanely fit physique to help him fit in just fine. Giving him an edge over most of the possible candidates is the fact that he is already testing the waters with his role as Wolverine in the podcast shows Wolverine: The Long Night (2018) and Wolverine: The Lost Trail (2019).

The New Wolverine: 3 Actors Top On The List To Replace Hugh Jackman
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Tom Hardy

Though he is already in his forties, Tom Hardy‘s name seems to pop up in almost every acting role that is up for grabs. Apart from being quite the eye candy, Hardy is renowned for giving his best in any given role. The Hollywood It-Guy has pulled off many action roles and has been hinted to take up the iconic James Bond role in the unending film franchise.

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Tom has the looks and body structure, coupled with his ability to go into a state of fiery rage if need be. There is hardly anything standing in his way if he can clear up his obviously tight schedule to pick up the role as the new Wolverine.

Scott Eastwood

An apparent fan of the Wolverine character, Scott Eastwood has made it clear that he wouldn’t mind donning the Wolverine costume if given the chance. He is particularly fascinated by the character’s rebellious approach and the level of rage he exudes. Eastwood also has age on his side, as well as endorsement from fans. He possesses the perfect facial hair that gives him that Wolverine look.

The New Wolverine: 3 Actors Top On The List To Replace Hugh Jackman
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Considering his impressive resume in the action film genre and the fact that he is no stranger to the world of comic books, Scott Eastwood surely has a lot to bring to the table.

Other names that popped up during our search for the right Wolverine actor include Joel Edgerton, Taran Egerton, Henry Cavill, Charlie Hunnam, Jensen Ackles of Supernatural, and Game of Thrones alum Richard Madden.

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