The Thinning: Everything To Know About The Thriller And Its Squel ‘New World Order’

The Thinning: Everything To Know About The Thriller And Its Squel ‘New World Order’

Every year, at least one new film is made that tries to take the dystopian genre to another level. 2016 gave us Michael Gallagher’s attempt, The Thinning which was released on one of the top subscription streaming services, YouTube Premium –formerly known as YouTube Red. In 2018, its sequel, The Thinning: New World Order was released on the same platform. This article brings you everything to know about the thriller and its sequel.

The Plot of The Thinning

Set in a dystopian futuristic world, The Thinning is an American sci-fi teen thriller web film that follows two high school students who after learning about the larger agenda behind their aptitude test, take matters into their own hands and try to put a stop to it. The test called “The Thinning” is a program used to control the population in the now overcrowded and global warming afflicted world. The ones who passed are considered smart and worthy enough to live while those who failed the test get executed.

Other Facts About The Thinning And Its Sequel, New World Order

1.  The first film was released towards the end of 2016

The Thinning was released on YouTube premium on October 12, 2016, and it stars Logan Paul, Peyton List, Lia Marie Johnson, Ryan Newman, Michael Traynor, Calum Worthy, and Matthew Glave. The film was directed by Michael J. Gallagher who also co-produced it alongside Jana Winternitz and Michael Wormser for Legendary Digital Media.

2. The movie had a low reception

Considering the social media following of the main cast of The Thinning especially former vine star, Logan Paul and Disney Channel sweetheart, Peyton List, one would expect the film to have a substantial fan base. However, that was not the case as many film critics and neutral viewers were not impressed with the film. Most of the reviews were so terrible that one will wonder what propelled the producers to consider making a second movie (The Thinning: New World Order).

Although some critics found the premise of The Thinning to be very promising with regards to the issue of global warming and overcrowding – which are becoming a real threat in the world. It was not sufficient to convince the viewers about the movie’s potentials but it was cited by critics that the global issues were not well explored by the writers. They went further to describe the actions as both dull and unnatural. Others like The Verge’s Adi Robertson described the plot as a mess and a failed attempt at dystopian science fiction. Some viewers were just annoyed they spent $10 on a YouTube premium subscription just to see that.

3. The production of the sequel started in 2017

Logan Paul announced on his YouTube Channel on November 17, 2017, that production had started for the sequel of The Thinning tagged, The Thinning: New World Order. Production was concluded in December 2017, post-production was however suspended by YouTube on January 10, 2018, because of a scandal that involved Logan.

The Thinning: Everything To Know About The Thriller And Its Squel ‘New World Order’
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3. The trailer for The Thinning: New World Order was released in 2018

The trailer for the sequel was eventually released by Logan on October 16, 2018, almost a year after its production was announced. The movie premiered the following day, October 17, 2018, on YouTube Premium.

4. The second release is a continuation of the first film

This second installment continues on the same premise as the first film and like the first film, it also stars Logan Paul as Blake Redding. He is the politician’s son who is considered dead by the public after he purposefully failed his aptitude test as a way to rebel against his corrupt father and the system. Peyton List, Lia Marie Johnson, Michael Traynor, Calum Worthy, and Matthew Glave reprise their roles from the first film with a few others joining as supporting cast. The crew for The Thinning: New World Order also remains the same except for Jo Henriquez who came on as a co-producer.

5. The second release also had bad reviews

Like the first film, the sequel’s reception was not better than the initial release – if not worse. The Daily Dot described the film as “a bad, low-impact movie that dissolves from your mind as you watch it”. The Verge also called it “zombified husk of a YA dystopian thriller”. This leaves little or no expectations for a follow-up series as The Thinning: New World Order was a total disaster according to the majority of film critics.