The Untold Reason HBO’s Silicon Valley Is Ending With Season 6

Silicon Valley is not just a location; it is also known for being a hub for technological advancement. In 2014, a television show with the same name was released and it featured characters who led lives in this location. However, just as Silicon Valley does not only refer to the valley in the southern region of San Francisco, the same goes for the show. The television show follows the success and growth of the fictional start-up company – Pied Piper. Sadly, it was recently announced that the show will end in its sixth season. Here is why HBO’s Silicon Valley is ending with season 6.

Why Silicon Valley Season 6 Will Be The Final Season

The first season of Silicon Valley opens up with the software engineer Richard Hendricks, who has just created an app called Pied Piper. The code the app runs on is considered revolutionary and threatens to change the state of the internet as it is known. The preceding seasons of the show follow the struggles that Hendricks has with creating his app, providing it to the market while simultaneously fending off competitors who try to steal his creation.

Silicon Valley has been on the air for several seasons and years; in May of 2018, the fifth season of the show aired. The fans and watchers of the show expected that the next season will start to air in the middle of the next year, 2019, but this did not happen. Instead, it was announced that production for the next season, which will be show’s sixth season will be delayed as one of the executive producers is working on another show.

The announcement also stated Silicon Valley Season 6 will be the final one for the series. Silicon Valley is ending because the writers of the show feel that the story has run its course. This show has been a focal point in the lives and careers of the writers, producers, and actors, but like all things, the show must come to an end as well.

Silicon Valley’s Success And Reviews From Techpreneurs

Silicon Valley is a satirical representation of the real Silicon Valley, which is the starting point of most of the groundbreaking technological innovations that the world has experienced. This show was written by Mike Judge, Dave Krinsky, and John Altschuler. For Judge who previously worked on King of The Hill and Beavis and Butt-Head, this show is his first non-animated creation. For a live-action debut, the show has received accolades and recognition that has surpassed the expectations of its creators, a fact that they have mentioned multiple times.

When the show premiered in 2014, reactions to it were mostly positive with critics praising its writing, production, and acting. This praise translated to award nominations which turned to wins. Critics and award bodies were not the only ones who had nice things to say about Silicon Valley. As with the lead character – Richard Hendricks, software engineers who work in Silicon Valley admitted to relating to the struggles he had.

was one of the more notable people who also said that the show was relatable and it reminded him of his time as a younger man trying to pitch his product to investors. However, there were critics who did not find the show worthy of all the praise it was getting. There were also notable figures who believed that the satire was farfetched and overstretched. One of such people was the technological magnate , who only saw the first episode and criticized the writers of the show, saying that the writers lacked substantial experience of working and living in Silicon Valley to actually satirize the lives of the people living there. He received backlash for his statements as a majority of the audience could see that the show was an accurate representation of the politics of the valley.

Silicon Valley Season 6 will be shortest of all six seasons, with just seven episodes. Fans are eager to see what end the Pied Piper will look like. Silicon Valley is aired on HBO and it is the third television show from the network to come to an end in 2019, the first episode is slated to air on the 27th of October, 2019 and will run for seven weeks.

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