The Untold Truth of BamBam (Thai Singer) And His Rise To Stardom

BamBam is one of the most popular names and faces in the Korean pop music scene. He is a multi-talented act who is well skilled at dancing, singing, songwriting, rapping, record producing, acting, and hosting shows. He is most notably known for being a member of one of the hottest Kpop bands around, , alongside Yu-gyeom, Junior, Mark,, Young-jae, and JB. BamBam and his band have released three studio albums, two box sets, ten EPs, and thirteen singles since they made their debut, all of which have been commercially successful and critically acclaimed.

The rapper and singer has performed at several prestigious venues and events in Korea and its environs, garnering fans from every corner of the globe. His musical career has fetched him a number of awards and other honors. BamBam is very ambitious and not content to simply rest on his oars and let things come to him; he prefers to actively chase his dreams. This explains why he has already achieved so much for himself despite his young age. Although BamBam is wildly popular, there is still an air of mystery around him because he prefers to stay away from the spotlight except when absolutely necessary. Here is the untold story of BamBam and his journey to fame.

How BamBam Rose to Fame

Many aspiring Kpop stars have to undergo training for a certain period of time depending on the agency they are tied to, their abilities, and their preparedness for the celebrity life. BamBam was no different, he underwent training for nearly four years before he made his debut as a member of GOT7. His position as a member of Got7 was his ticket to fame and superstardom.

He has written, co-written, and produced several of the band’s songs, music videos, and promotional videos. BamBam’s most recent project behind the camera for GOT7 was the video Feel It, See It, featuring the best moments from the band’s recent tour in America, which he shot, directed, and edited himself. The video and a host of others he has worked on are available for viewing on Got7’s official YouTube channel. Being multi-talented, it is is not difficult to see how he acquired fame.

Interesting Facts About BamBam

His Stage Name Came From An Animated Series

The Kpop star and actor coined his stage name “BamBam” after watching the iconic cartoon show The Flintstones, which features a character named Bamm-Bamm Rubble. However, his real name is Kunpimook Bhuwakul. He hails from a family of entertainers. His two older brothers and younger sister are all famous dancers, and unsurprisingly, he also knows how to put on the moves.

Supporting And Donating To Charitable Causes Bring Him Joy

BamBam might be a music and TV star, but he hasn’t forgotten that the world isn’t champagne and roses for everyone, so he uses his wealth and fame to do good in the world by helping out the less privileged. In December 2017, BamBam launched his own clothing line called doubleB and released limited edition designs which were only on sale for two weeks. Despite the short time frame, he sold over 13,700 items and donated all of the proceeds to, an organization committed to providing access to safe and clean drinking water.

He currently serves as a spokesman against child abuse for a campaign set up by the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security in collaboration with UNICEF Thailand. In addition, BamBam recently donated 100,000 baht to assist children who have been affected by flooding in the Ubon Ratchathani province of Thailand.

BamBam’s Resume Is Full Of Hosting Gigs On A Variety Of TV shows

Even before he became popular, BamBam began appearing on television shows and has accumulated quite a lot of credits over the years. Some of his most notable appearances include Real Men, Who Is Next, Where Is My Friend’s Home, I Can See Your Voice, My Young Tutor, Uncontrollably Actor, Idol Battle Likes, 3 Zap, and I Can See Your Voice Thailand. In 2015, BamBam and SHINee’s Key began their tenure as permanent hosts for M! Countdown on Mnet.

He’s Multilingual And Was Able To Escape Mandatory Military Service

The singer and actor speaks three languages fluently: Thai, English, and Korean. Although military service is compulsory in Thailand, BamBam didn’t serve because when he went to enroll he was informed that the red card recruit and volunteer quota for his region had already been reached, so there was no need for him to be drafted.

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