The Untold Truth of Lina Esco and Family, Movies and TV Shows

The Untold Truth of Lina Esco and Family, Movies and TV Shows

Lina Esco is one actress who wears her heart on her sleeve. She is not afraid to fight for the causes she believes are right no matter how conventional or controversial they may be. Since the American actress came on the scene in 2005, she has made headlines for much more than her acting career. Besides that, she is also a philanthropist, activist, director, producer, and model.

The actress made her acting debut with the movie London in 2005 and has continued to steadily grow her fan base since then. She has appeared in movies and television series like Cane (2007); LOL (2012); and Kingshighway (2010). Her most popular work was on the 2014 movie Free the Nipple.

Lina Esco Early Life

The actress was born in Miami, Florida, on May 14, 1985. That is just about all that is known about the actress’s personal life. For someone who makes a living on the big screen, the actress is pretty good at keeping the details of her life away from fans, critics, and the media. There is nothing known about her early days in Miami, her experiences growing up, or her high school or college education.

Movies and TV Shows

The first project of her professional acting career was London (2005) where she played the character, Kelly. The following year, she would make her television debut with a guest appearance on an episode of CSI: NY. Lina then followed this up with a recurring guest role on CBS’s Cane in 2007 where he portrayed the character of Katie Vega for 13 episodes. She continued her guest appearances across 2008 and in 2009, she joined the cast of Drop Dead Diva for a single episode appearance as Lina Martinez, a lingerie model who was let go by her agency for publicizing her breast cancer survival story.

From 2010 to 2012, Lina Esco was in a number of projects both for the big screen and for television. These included 15 Minutes (2010); Where the Road Meets the Sun (2011); and LOL (2012). Perhaps her greatest work in this time period was in 2011’s Exit Strategy. For the project, she was Mia Hendricks, a computer genie who was a native of South Boston and graduated from MIT. She was joined on the set by names like Megan Dodds, Tom Sizemore, and Ethan Hawke.

In 2014, she joined the cast of Ryan Murphy’s television drama Open made for HBO. Lina Esco played the character, Gina, in the television drama film. In 2016, she was Kara in 7 episodes of Flaked and Ava Flores in 8 episodes of Kingdom. In 2017, she took up the role of Officer III Christina Alonso on the first season of S.W.A.T.

Activism and Other Endeavors

Lina is also trying to make it as a producer and director. In 2014, she co-produced the short public service announcement “My Friend is…” for The Cove. Her co-producer for the PSA is popular producer Fisher Stevens and the documentary was created to shine the light on the illegal slaughter of dolphins in Japan. The short project saw her join forces with a plethora of celebrities like Robin Williams, Russell Simmons, Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd, and Ben Stiller among a host of others.

In 2012, Esco had also directed a sister public service announcement, “Kids Speak Out Against Dolphin Captivity” for The Cove documentary. Perhaps the movie closest to her heart was Free the Nipple which she produced and directed in 2014. The heart behind the movie was to bring awareness to the larger issue of society’s stigmatization and perception of the female anatomy. More specifically, Free the Nipple aimed to overturn the censorship of the female nipple. It was made available in select cinemas, and iTunes in December 2014.

The Untold Truth of Lina Esco and Family, Movies and TV Shows
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Besides her acting commitments, Lina Esco has also been on many other kinds of projects from commercials and music videos to magazines and other publications. The actress appeared in the music videos for Sinéad O’Connor’s “Jealous” and Moby’s “Southside” among others. In 2007, she was also on a few Axe commercials for their “Clix” campaign. In January 2011, the actress joined a few other models for a photo shoot to promote Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer jewelry collection. In May 2011, she also showed up on David O. Russell’s “Gentlemen, This is Vodka”, an ad campaign for Ketel One.

In the same vein as her movie, Free the Nipple, Lina made a guest appearance on Midnight Snack, a show created by Audience Network. On the show, guests come to talk about their life’s journey and experiences, all while stripping off their clothes for the camera.

In 2018, she kicked off a campaign focused on overturning the 51-years-to-life sentencing given to Cyntoia Brown in 2004. Around the same time, a lot of celebrities like Kim Kardashian started talking about it. This led the governor of Tennessee to commute her original sentencing to 15 years, consequently qualifying Cyntoia for release on August 7, 2019.

The actress also joined the ranks of over 80 women in October 2017 that accused the iconic Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault.

Who Is Lina Esco Husband, If Married, and Does She Have Children?

It appears Lina Esco so far is opting to stay focused on her career as an actress, philanthropist, rights activist, and model. She has not disclosed information, either in interviews, social media, or in any other form, about her dating life and history. However, different sources online state that the Free the Nipple actress has not officially tied the knot with anyone. Through these sources, Esco is also believed to have no children yet.

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