The Walking Dead Season 10 Cast: Top Stars Behind the Zombie Apocalypse Survival Series

Since its premiere in 2010, no television series has attracted more viewers in the age range of 18 to 49-years-old than The Walking Dead. The show has further garnered wide critical acclaim, however, viewership and reception have in recent time declined. Regardless of this, the post-apocalyptic horror TV series has still managed to keep a cult following as it works towards ending with a bang in its tenth and final season. Find out which actors are returning to continue their roles in the season 10 cast of The Walking Dead as well as those that have been elevated to top star status.

Top Stars of The Walking Dead Season 10 Cast

1. Norman Reedus

American actor plays the role of Daryl Dixon, an expert tracker and skilled hunter who was the former right-hand man to the show’s lead character Rick Grimes. Following the departure of Grimes in the ninth season, Dixon, who was first introduced in the first season of the show, plays the role of the main character in the season 10.

2. Danai Gurira

American actress plays the role of Michonne, a katana-wielding warrior who was also the love interest of Rick Grimes. Like many others that would appear on this list of The Walking Dead season 10 cast, Michonne did not make her first appearance in the first season of the show but rather near the end of the second-season finale as a hooded figure.

3. Melissa McBride

American actress plays the role of Carol Peletier, a skilled and ingenious fighter who has the title of being the longest living female character on the show. The character was introduced in the first season of the show where she was a recurring cast member. In the second season, Mcbride was upgraded to a series regular position as her character’s role went on to predominantly increase from the fourth season.

4. Christian Serratos

The character of Rosita Espinosa, a pragmatic member of the group who escaped the false haven of Terminus before joining Rick Grimes, is played by American actress Christian Serratos. While her character was first introduced in the fourth season of the Walking Dead, it was until the seventh season that she was able to get significant screentime that has led to her being elevated to top star status.

5. Josh McDermitt

American actor and comedian plays the role of Eugene Porter, an overweight but intelligent character who despite his lack of having any survival skills, proves to be quite resourceful in using technology to help the group. His first appearance in the TV series is in the fourth season alongside Christian Serratos.

6. Seth Gilliam

Another cast member of season 10 of The Walking Dead to not feature in any of the earlier seasons but has now managed to land a starring role is American actor Seth Gilliam. Gilliam, who debuted in the fifth season of the show, plays the role of Gabriel Stokes, an Episcopal priest from Georgia who battles to reconcile his beliefs with what needs to be done to survive.

7. Ross Marquand

American actor and impressionist Ross Marquand plays the role of Aaron, a recruiter for Rick Grimes and the Alexandria Safe-Zone. He was introduced in the fifth season of the show and has gone ahead to become the longest surviving Alexandria character.

8. Khary Payton

American actor , who was first introduced to the series in the seventh season, plays the role of Ezekiel, the ex-husband of Carol Peletier and charismatic former leader of The Kingdom, a community of survivors terrorized by a vicious group called the Saviors.


9. Samantha Morton

English actress Samantha Morton plays the role of Alpha, the main antagonist of season 10. Her character serves as the leader of a mysterious group of survivors known as The Whisperers, who wear the skins of walkers to mask their presence. She first appeared in the mid-season premiere of the ninth season.

10. Jeffrey Dean Morgan

American actor rounds up the list of the top cast members of season 10 of The Walking Dead. He plays the role of Negan, the now-reformed former leader of the Saviors, a group that oppresses other survivor communities and forces them to pay tribute to him. For his excellent portrayal of the character since his debut in the series’ sixth-season finale, Morgan has received critical acclaim and earned himself a number of awards.

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