Theresa May – Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Husband, Children and Family Life

Theresa May – Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Husband, Children and Family Life

Thanks to her years of dedication, Theresa May has become one of the two women who has had the honor of serving in the position of Prime Minister in the long history of the British Parliament. May, who succeeded David Cameron in office, is the 15th Prime Minister to serve under Queen Elizabeth II. Her long career in politics started in the early 1990s.

Her first point of business when she became Prime Minister in 2016 was to begin the process of seceding the United Kingdom from the European Union invoking Article 50 of the Treaty of The European Union. This decision was made at the ‘United Kingdom European Union Membership Referendum’ held in 2016. The secession has been dubbed ‘Brexit’ and is one of the more iconic things to have happened in the United Kingdom and the European Union body. Keep reading below to learn more about Theresa May.

Theresa May Wiki, Age & Biography

Theresa Mary May (née Brasier) was born on the 1st of October, 1956 to Zaidee Mary and Hubert Brasier, a clergyman. Her birth took place in the hospital where her father was the chaplain. Being the only child of her parents, Theresa spent her childhood days in Sussex, where she was born.

She attended Heythrop Primary School before moving on to St. Juliana’s Convent School for Girls. After her time at the convent school, Theresa May went to the Holton Park Girls’ Grammar School, now known as Wheatley Park Comprehensive School. The future Prime Minister then obtained her degree in Geography from the University of Oxford, where she graduated in 1977.

Her first position in the government was in 1986 when she served as a councilor in the Durnsford Ward, a position she held for eight years. Prior to that, she held a job for six years in the department of international affairs as a senior advisor, and as a financial consultant in the Association for Payment Clearing Services in the prestigious Bank of England, where she worked right after graduating from Oxford.

After her time as councilor, Theresa May tried to join parliament on two occasions which she lost; but at her third attempt, she was able to secure a seat in parliament as the Conservative candidate from the Maidenhead Constituency. She was then able to quickly take top positions at the party level and in parliament. When she became the first woman to head the Conservative Party in 2002, she set out to change the public’s views of the party. Her appointment as Home Secretary was the longest in the past sixty years of the Country; she’s also the fourth woman to hold a position in one of the British Great Offices of State. Her policies while in office were mostly concerned with issues of immigration.

On the 13th of July 2016, a few weeks after declaring her decision to run for leadership of the Conservative Party following the resignation of David Cameron, the Queen appointed Theresa May as Prime Minister. Upon her appointment, she became the first woman to hold two of the Great Offices of State. Her achievements in politics have been record-breaking and have given her global recognition.

Theresa May – Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Husband, Children and Family Life
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Family Life: Husband and Children

The Prime Minister is married to Philip May, who works for the investment management company, Capital International as an investment relationship manager. The couple got married on the 6th of September, 1980. Sadly, they have no children together as they were unable to conceive, which the Prime Minister revealed was a source of regret for her and her husband.

Theresa May lost her parents within the space of a year, with her father dying in an accident in 1981 – a year after her marriage, and her mother dying of multiple sclerosis a year after. She has repeatedly expressed grief over their deaths, especially their absence when her political career began. This is not simply because people would like their parents to see them succeed but because in May’s case, her mother supported the conservative party, a party which she, Theresa, later became the head of.

Height, Weight & Body Statistics

The Position of the Prime Minister is one that opens you up to scrutiny from the public even for the most irrelevant of things like your height and weight. However, there is no denying that Theresa May is in great shape. She currently stands tall at 5 feet 6 inches and weighs a commensurate 60 kilograms.

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