Theresa Roemer – Bio, Net Worth, Husband And Children

Theresa Roemer – Bio, Net Worth, Husband And Children

Theresa Roemer is everything you will ever seek in a woman if not more. She is an American woman who despite having faced a lot of life’s vicissitudes has grown to be recognized in her various fields of endeavor. Theresa is a renowned social media influencer, YouTuber, former bodybuilder, radio host, entrepreneur as well as a philanthropist.

Any introduction of Mrs. Roemer will hardly ever be complete until mention is made about her world-famous closet. Yes, her closet is known all over the world. She owns the “she-cave” which is a 3, 000-square-foot closet located in a mansion in Woodlands, Houston. The closet boasts of assorted clothing items from choice designers who make nothing but the very best money can buy.

Find out more about her below and other things that make her special.

Theresa Roemer – Bio

Theresa Roemer was born on the 27th day of September in the year 1961 in a farm situated in Nebraska where she also grew up alongside her 3 siblings. They lived a very simple and small-town life considering the occupation of their parents. While she was growing up, she could be best described as a tomboy who always liked to spend time outdoors rather than indoors.

In her junior high school, Theresa was an exceptional basketball player. She was so good in the sport that she actually got a sports scholarship to attend the Black Hills State University in South Dakota but however, she got stung with love.

She got married at the time and soon after, got pregnant and gave birth. Another baby followed and all the while, she was being the typical housewife. However, Theresa Roemer loathed being a stay-at-home mom. She began teaching aerobics just to keep busy and athletic but her husband wasn’t having any of it. This heralded the troubles she began having in her marriage and in no distant time, her marriage fell apart. At around this time also, she lost one of her brothers who was in his early 20s to a heart attack.

Theresa decided to return to California and this marked the beginning of a new era in her life. The divorced mom of 2 began working in a health club as its general manager in addition to joggling several other jobs. In no distant time, she was able to save enough money to buy her own gym. Within this time also, she won the U.S Open title for Body Building in 1999. No doubt, this helped to boost her gym business more and the results quickly manifested in a chain of businesses called Body by Design.

As the years continued to roll by, things kept on getting better for Theresa Roemer. The bodybuilder became a health club consultant who had client all over the world. In 2002, she relocated to southern California to be closer to her father. Theresa took up a job with Bally Total Fitness California’s studio and not long after, she was relocated to Texas where love found her again.

Family: Husband and Children

Theresa Roemer met Lamar Roemer, a former tennis pro who had played in the U.S. Open and Wimbledon. After his tennis career, he worked for ExxonMobil and other big oil companies before venturing into his own oil business. Following 8 months of their first date, Lamar asked Theresa to move into his home in Houston’s Memorial neighborhood to which she obliged.

Theresa Roemer – Bio, Net Worth, Husband And Children
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Tragedy struck in 2006 when Theresa lost one of her kids (her son) in a car accident. She was so devastated at the time that she felt like committing suicide but the thought of having her other child (daughter) lose both her brother and mom at the same time kept suicide thoughts farther away from her mind. Over time, she healed from the loss, though the scar still remains.

With Lamar, she became pregnant one year later with twins. When she gave birth to her babies, one of them looked exactly like her dead son. Thus, she got back what she previously lost. Theresa and Lamar got married in 2008 and since then, she has been living the life most women can only dream of. In all, she currently has 5 children; 3 daughters named Tashina, Leslie, and Lauren while her 2 sons are Maximillian and LB Roemer. Her late son went by the name Michael Roemer.

Net Worth

By almost any standard, Theresa Roemer is a successful woman. She is a successful businesswoman who was able to grow her fitness business from scratch to an enviable height today. In terms of marriage, she is equally married to a business mogul – Lamar Roemer who owns 4 oil and gas companies. Therefore, it is not surprising that she has enough money to stock the world’s largest closet with choice fashionable items from the Crème de la crème of the fashion industry. Theresa Roemer has a net worth estimated to be about $12.5 million.

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