Things To Note About Celeste Ackelson and Her Life With Brian Baumgartner

People become famous for several reasons and many have attained celebrity status for their relationship with popular individuals. This is the case with Celeste Ackelson who stormed the limelight as the wife of an actor. The beautiful woman met fame after her romantic involvement with American actor, director, and The Office star, Brian Baumgartner, who played the role of dim-witted accountant, Kevin Malone in the hit TV series.

Very little is known about Celeste’s early life and upbringing but she was born in 1982 in the United States and had what she calls an average upbringing. Celeste Ackelson earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the Florida International University.

As a child, she always had an artistic mind which she channelled into projects at school. Her creativity followed her into adulthood, moving beyond traditional art to the fashion scene. Celeste’s incredible sense of style has earned her commendation in the public eye.

Celeste Ackelson became known to the public when she began dating the popular actor, Brian Baumgartner. She admits that the actor worked his way into her heart because of how funny he is, he is always able to make her laugh even in the most serious situations.

Marriage to Brian Baumgartner

She began going out with him shortly after his marriage to his first wife, Julia Fisher, fell apart and their divorce was finalized. The two dated for a long time before Brian popped the question and they agreed to get married.

They exchanged vows in a very intimate and romantic garden right in the backyard of their California home. The wedding was the talk of the media industry and no one could deny that it was truly a beautiful event.

The beautiful blonde married the actor in April 2014, wearing a stunning strapless ivory gown with a lovely mermaid finish that flawlessly showed off her figure. Her lover was dressed in a fashionable light grey suit and black tie.

The wedding was attended by a number of celebrities, including Brian’s castmates from The Office. John Krasinski wore a suit similar to that of the groom’s, indicating that he and fellow actor Oscar Nunez, belonged to the wedding posse, although they weren’t official groom’s men. He looked positively dashing standing beside his gorgeous wife, Emily Blunt. Jenna Fisher, who was heavily pregnant at the time, as well as Angela Kinsey, also graced the ceremony. The wedding reception was held at the Wilshire Country Club, not far away from their lovely home.

Brian is a popular actor who has featured in several movies and TV series, including Arrested Development, Everwood, Jake in Progress, Last Comic Standing, and The Office. He has also made appearances on stage, serving as artistic director of a theatre in Minneapolis, for which he earned several awards as a performer and director. The charming actor has won many awards and nominations, including an Emmy Daytime Award and the Screen Actors Guild Award.

Celeste Ackelson’s Kids

Roughly a year after they tied the knot, Celeste Ackelson and her husband welcomed a child, a daughter they named Brylee Bea Baumgartner. They were ecstatic about the birth of this new addition to their family, sharing photos, tweets, and Instagram posts to announce their joy to the world.

Brylee is Celeste’s first and only child, however, Brian has another child with his first wife. Brian and Celeste are super happy with the way things have been going for them. To the actor, Celeste is more than a wife to him. In fact, we might have her to thank for some part of Brian’s recent weight loss.

Earning Power

The public knows nothing about Celeste’s professional life. As at the time of this writing, we can’t say for sure what career she’s into or how she makes a living, so it’s hard to put a figure on her wealth. However, whatever she does, her husband brings enough money home to ensure they live a more than comfortable life. He is estimated to be worth about $6 million, the bulk of which has come from his acting and directing credits. They own a house together in Los Angeles, a lavish mansion that cost them $2.8 million.

Celeste Ackelson Doesn’t Do Social Media

It’s not everyday that you find someone remotely connected to the celebrity life stay off social media. For reasons best known to her, Celeste doesn’t have any social media account whatsoever. So, if you find any account with her name on it, you are sure dealing with an impostor.

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