Is Tilda Swinton Transgender? What is Her Height And Age?

Tilda Swinton is a stunning actress loved for her impeccably cool and fearless personality. She holds the record as one of the forces people reckon with in the British film industry for obvious reasons. Swinton debuted as an actress in the year 1984 with the Royal Shakespeare Company, appearing in the play Measure for Measure. Her next play was Mann ist Mann with the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh in 1987 while her first television project was Zastrozzi: A Romance, which was adapted from Percy Bysshe Shelley’s Gothic novel and wherein she portrayed Julia.

Tilda bagged her first film role in the year 1986. Caravaggio is the name of the movie while Derek Jarman was the director. Following a brilliant performance, she was picked to star in several other films directed by Jarman such as The Last of England (1987), War Requiem (1989), The Garden (1990), and Edward II (1991), for which she earned the Volpi Cup for Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival in the year 1991. Since she debuted, this amazing actress has never slowed down or taken a break from acting or other activities that tickles her fancy.

Besides acting, she is an artist and also into modeling. She has worked with celebrated fashion designers Rolf ad Viktor, who made her the center of attraction of their One Woman Show 2003. As a fashion enthusiast, Tilda has been severally listed as one of the best women in her generation, including as fashion website Net-a-Porter’s one of the best-dressed women in 2018 and The Guardian’s one of the fifty best-dressed in 2013.

To her credit, Swinton has collaborated with a slew of artists and also appeared in several music videos, including the promotional video for David Bowie’s song “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” and on artist Patrick Wolfs 2009 album The Bachelor, in where she supplied four spoken word pieces.

What Is Tilda Swinton’s Age?

Tilda has come to be known within and beyond the entertainment industry for her avant-garde fashion choices, phenomenal screen presence, and age-defying looks which often leave many people wondering how old she is. Swinton has been around since November 5th, 1960. She was born in that year in London, England to Sir John Swinton and Australian mother Judith Balfour who originally named her Katherine Matilda Swinton.

Tilda Swinton was actually born in a noble family, her father retired from the British Army as a major general and also served as Lord Lieutenant of Berwickshire from the year 1989 to 2000. George Swinton, who happens to be her paternal great-grandfather was a herald and Scottish politician while John Hutton Balfour (her maternal great-great-grandfather) was the Scottish botanist.

Raised together with three brothers, the actress was taught at three independent schools for a brief period. She studied at Queen’s Gate School in London, Fettes College, and the West Heath Girls’ School, where she became friends and classmate to , the first wife of .

Tilda Swinton holds a bachelors degree in Social and Political Science. She obtained the certificate from New Hall (currently known as Murray Edwards College) at the University of Cambridge in 1983. During her days at Cambridge, she was a member of the Communist Party before she switched to the Scottish Socialist Party. The actress shares twins Honor and Xavier Swinton Byrne (born in 1997) with her former partner John Byrne.

Is Tilda Swinton Transgender? 

Tilda Swinton is among the crop of this generation’s celebrities who have been straightforward about their sexual orientation and gender identities. Their coming out may not have sat well with a lot of people but it seems to have certainly paved the way for greater acceptance. The actress has never commented about being transgender but she simply identifies as non-binary and pansexual. As a non-binary, Swinton does not identify as exclusively a woman or man and she sees herself as someone who has no gender at all. What this means is that on days she feels more masculine, she dresses up in boyish outfits and on days she feels more feminine, she glams herself up in elegant dresses. In movies, the actress is also known for leaning more towards androgynous characters.

What Is Her Height?

Tilda Swinton is a very beautiful soul with an amazing height and comfortable weight to match. She stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches, which is equivalent to 1.8 in metric units. With her height, the mother of two has been able to convincingly express herself on the stage and screen and also rule the fashion world.

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