Tim Chung – Bio, Age, Height, Ethnicity Of Kylie Jenner’s Bodyguard

Tim Chung – Bio, Age, Height, Ethnicity Of Kylie Jenner’s Bodyguard

Among several other things, Tim Chung is one of the hottest police officers the LAPD has seen and when he is not busy enforcing the law, the Los Angeles-based officer works as a part-time model. His chiseled face and body have helped him secure modeling gigs on different projects. There is no doubt that his jobs as a police officer and model are just great but they didn’t bring the spotlight to rest on him like the work he is currently engaged in as Kylie Jenner’s bodyguard.

The latter did not just put more money in his pocket but also turned him into a media sensation with recent updates alleging that he may have fathered Kylie’s daughter. If there is one thing the internet is good at, it’s digging up hidden facts and dirt on celebrities, irrespective of their credibility and Tim Chung seems to be the new lab rat on the table. He caused a media frenzy when pictures of Kylie’s daughter started spreading and internet detectives swung into action, pointing out the uncanny resemblance between the bodyguard and the new baby. Does the claim hold much water? Below is everything worth knowing about the hunky bodyguard and the truth behind the speculation that he is Kylie’s baby daddy.

Tim Chung Bio (Age and Ethnicity)

The exact date on which Tim Chung was born is not known but he was probably born in the United States and apparently, to Asian parents. In other words, his ethnicity is Asian, his surname suggests he has roots in either China or Korea. Tim grew up with five sisters, as revealed in his National Sibling Day post on Instagram where he declared his love for his siblings.

He joined the Los Angeles Police Department in 2009 and along the line, he also went into modeling. Admittedly, he is good at both jobs. As a model, he has worked with several brands including The Black Tux, Wolf & Shepherd shoes, as well as Tc Charton. He has also featured in a few adverts including the 2015 campaign of the ‘New Year Vision Expo’ and ‘Vegas International Vision Expo’, as well as a commercial for Volvo automobile company.

Though it is not known when he started guarding Kylie, the LAPD officer has also worked with the other Kardashian-Jenner sisters. Apparently, he has been around the Kardashian-Jenner clan for years but nobody paid any attention to the man who would often be spotted beside Kylie whenever she is out and about until her daughter Stormi stormed the picture.

While basking in the euphoria of the arrival of the newborn, a few online jokers couldn’t help but fan the embers of a rumor that started with the question ‘Why does Stormi look like Kylie’s bodyguard?. Before long, it spread all over the internet with many fingers pointing at the bodyguard as Kylie’s baby daddy.

Taking to Instagram where he has more than 713 followers keeping tabs on him, Tim Chung poured cold water on the boiling gossip making the rounds about the paternity of little Stormi. He emphasized that he loves his privacy and would have preferred to ignore the rumor, but for the respect, he has for Travis, Jenner, and their child, he decided to make an exception. He went on to set the record straight by adding that his relationship with Kylie has always been professional and that the rumors are just laughable.

Tim Chung – Bio, Age, Height, Ethnicity Of Kylie Jenner’s Bodyguard
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What Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Have To Say

Both Kylie and Travis haven’t bothered to make a public statement on the matter, though Kylie’s comment – “Stormi’s parents” – on a picture she put up on her Instagram kind of says it all. The young parents have continued to shower much love on the cute toddler, paying no heed to the swirling rumors.

Nevertheless, Tyga, Kylie’s ex-boyfriend does think that Stormi’s hair, nose, and eyes look a lot like Tim. A juxtaposed picture of Stormi and Tim Chung didn’t do much to assuage the rumors.

Tim Chung’s Height

His height, weight, and other body measurements may not be known publicly but Tim Chung is visible as a candy for the eyes. He has a good height for his profession as a model and his abs are well pronounced. His chiseled face reveals a perfect bone structure, accentuated by his brown eyes and nicely cut jet black hair. Page Six named him one of the sexiest celebrity bodyguards and we totally agree.