Todd Spiewak Bio – Net Worth & Facts About Jim Parsons’ Husband

Todd Spiewak is popularly known for his dalliance with actor Jim Parsons who eventually became his life partner in 2017 when they got married. The pair are notable for being very open about their marriage and even shared their wedding photos on social media.

It is also worth knowing that Todd co-owns a production firm with his partner and he has been doing extremely well in his job as an art director. Get all the facts about Todd Spiewak’s bio, relationship with Jim Parsons and other interesting facts as you read on.

Who is Todd Spiewak and How Old is He?

Todd Spiewak is a film director whose date of birth is January 19, 1977, and by virtue of his country of birth being the United States of America, he holds American citizenship and his ethnicity is White.

Not much is known about his early life or his basic education but it was gathered that he is a graduate of the Boston University where he bagged a degree in Graphic Design back in 1999. Todd Spiewak is also known to have worked as an advertisement designer and has been employed by top-notch news firms like American Express, The New York Times and Barnes & Noble.

Todd Spiewak is also known as the co-founder of the film company That’s Wonderful Productions, LLC and he initially tried his hands on production, sometime in 2018 with respect to the film A Kid Like Jake which cast the likes of , , , and the Bollywood actress, . Moreso, Todd was also among the producers of the film Young Sheldon, based on the character Sheldon from the popular sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

Details of His Net Worth

Todd Spiewak has made a name for himself as one of the best in the field of directing and it is known that on an average, directors are paid about $89,760 in Hollywood which points to the salary Todd is receiving for his work as a director. Moreso, from his prior jobs, he is said to have made about $93,446-$143,516 as salary from The New York Times.

Although the director’s net worth has not been pegged at a specific amount, it is obvious that he is paid well for what he does and he currently lives in a luxurious apartment in Gramercy Park, New York with his partner. Furthermore, it is estimated that his partner, Jim Parsons has a fat net worth of about $70 million which he generously shares with Todd Spiewak.

Relationship With Jim Parsons

The popular director is known to be open about his status as a gay man and not only that, he is also very open about his marriage to popular Hollywood actor Jim Parsons. According to reports, the pair met back in November 2002 via a date that was set up by a friend and from then onwards, a bond was formed which resulted in a longterm relationship and eventually, they tied the nuptial knot in May 2012 at Rainbow Room, New York City.

They broke the news about their union on social media and Parsons, in an interview, revealed that he sees his marriage to Todd Spiewak as a natural relationship which involves all the normal everyday activities that couples do.

A sneak peek into the life of Todd Spiewak’s partner shows that apart from his romantic side, he is also a hard worker. He has been featured in several sitcoms and films like Happy End, The Great New Wonderful, School for Scoundrels, The Big Year, The Muppets, Wish I Was Here, SuperMansion, La Ronde and Hidden Figures. However, it was his appearance in the American series The Big Bang Theory that shot him to the limelight back in 2007.

Other Interesting Facts About Jim Parsons’ Husband

Other facts to note about the art director include the following:

1. He was born under the birth sign of Capricorn.

2. His relationship with Jim lasted for 14 years before they made it official.

3. His partner Jim Parsons co-owns Wonderful Productions, LLC with him.

4. Todd Spiewak and Jim Parsons’ marriage was officially accepted by GLSEN, which is a section of the LGBT that is concerned with Youth Advocacy.

5. His partner is known to have won several awards as an actor and he has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of fame.

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