Toke Nasty – Bio, Everything to Know About The YouTube Star

Toke Nasty – Bio, Everything to Know About The YouTube Star

You don’t get to see the likes of Toke Nasty every time on YouTube. This is because what he sells is a different craft from what most YouTubers offer on the platform. While most hardcore YouTubers do more of vlogging and related content, Toke finds pleasure in playing sports video games, and to say the least, he is good at it.

The YouTuber’s large following on his social media accounts is a clear indication that many internet users are in love with his content, how interesting they are, and the fact that he grows his games oftentimes. If you are searching for detailed information about the YouTuber, you are on the right page, keep scrolling down.

Toke Nasty – Bio

The video game player was born on American soil but the city where he was born is not known. His parents, whose identities are yet to be publicized, welcomed him on the 23rd day of March 1988. For some reasons, including the fact that Nasty cherishes his privacy, further details about his origin, family background, and other sensitive personal information are missing from the picture.

In the same vein, the YouTuber hasn’t mentioned if he is an only child and where exactly he was raised. Nevertheless, his fans believe that his family has always been there for him right from the beginning of his career and that Toke completed his basic educational levels.


Toke Nasty picked interest in YouTube many years ago. However, it was in the year 2013 that he decided to create an account on the platform. He eventually launched his career in December of the same year by creating the YouTube account – MaddenGOAT.

He started out by uploading interesting videos for his fans and ended up receiving praises and commendations for his works. Impressed with the feedback, Nasty doubled up his efforts and later came up with several other amazing content.

Virtually all his videos are littered on his YouTube channels and some of them include, Introducing the OMFG Squad, 99 Overall!! Odell Beckham Jr. is a Glitch | Madden 16, The Longest Homerun in History, Madden 16 Ultimate Team Gameplay, The Troll Squad Debut, 99 Overall!! Beastmode Engaged – Insane, Madden 15 Ultimate Team, MLB 15 The Show to The Show, and many others. Of his videos, 99 Overall!! Odell Beckham Jr. is a Glitch | Madden 16, is the most popular and the one that has the highest number of views.

Riding on the success of his main channel, Toke Nasty decided to take his career to another level by launching a second channel titled Toke Plays in the month of March 2015. The channel is strictly dedicated to gameplay from Fallout, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Just Cause, and others. Both channels have been thriving in the competitive industry since then, as they boast an impressive number of subscribers and viewership.

Toke Nasty – Bio, Everything to Know About The YouTube Star
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In addition to YouTube, Toke Nasty has done some stints on Twitch, where he has over 50,000 followers. What the gamer basically does on Twitch is streaming Madden gameplay and since he started, his account has become a one-stop destination for most Twitch users.

Presently, the YouTuber has been doing amazing jobs for the entertainment of his fans and he has no plans of slowing down. Toke is hoping to attain more heights in the nearest future and also grow to become one of the wealthiest YouTubers in the world.

Toke Nasty Net Worth

When you are as good as Toke Nasty in your field of interest, all you need to get to the top of the ladder and start rolling in millions is just time. Regardless of the fact that the YouTuber is a late bloomer on the platform, he has moved ahead of many of his contemporaries. He hasn’t started counting millions yet but he makes a sizeable income from his growing career and he stands a chance of hitting the million mark in the nearest future because he is passionate and dedicated to his career.

Family Life

As hinted earlier, Toke Nasty is not a fan of the camera or media, thus, he prefers to keep information about his personal life to himself. According to information available, the YouTuber is a father of one – he has a lovely son who was welcomed into the world in the year 2014. However, the identity of the mother of his child, as well as further details about their relationship is not a matter of public knowledge.

Body Measurements

At the time of writing, the YouTuber is yet to publicly disclose the measurements of his height, weight, and other body features. However, we promise to push them across to you once we lay our hands on them.

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