Tom Delonge Wife, Kids, Height, Age, Net Worth, Biography

Tom Delonge Wife, Kids, Height, Age, Net Worth, Biography

The name Tom DeLonge has been around in the American entertainment industry for a very long time now. He is a recognized musician and songwriter, as well as an actor and filmmaker. Outside the entertainment sphere, Tom is also fascinated by conspiracy theories such that at a time he had to quit one of the bands he formed – Blink-182, to prove that aliens exist. Read more about him below including his net worth, family, and kids.

Tom Delonge Biography, Age

On December 13, 1975, Tom was born and named Thomas Matthew DeLonge Jr. in Poway, California, to Thomas DeLonge Sr. (father) and Connie Delonge (mother). Tom’s father worked as an oil company executive, while his mother was a mortgage broker. He has siblings in his family; an older brother named Shon and a younger sister named Kari.

As a kid, Tom Delonge fancied skateboarding a lot and skateboarded for much of his young life in Poway, he also wanted to be a firefighter when he grew up and for this reason, he participated in the San Diego Cadet Program. For school, DeLonge Jr. first attended Poway High School before he was expelled in 1991 in his junior year for being caught sloshed in a high school basketball game. Following his expulsion, Tom enrolled at Rancho Bernardo high school where he finished off in 1993. He was so popular in Poway that when he returned to the school in his senior year, the students in their majority voted him as Homecoming King.

Tom’s romance with music started when he was gifted a guitar for his 11th birthday, he began learning how to play the instrument as well as writing his own songs. The young musician had as his first audience, his sister and brother who gave him rave reviews to encourage him the more.

Following his expulsion from Poway High School, he met Kerry Key and Anne Hoppus (Kerry’s bae) in Rancho Bernardo High School, and the trio formed an American rock band named Blink-182 in 1992. For a start, the band recorded several demos before releasing their first studio album titled Cheshire Cat (1995). It was followed by Dude Ranch (1997), Enema of the State (1999), Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (2001), Blink-182 (2003), Neighborhoods (2011), and California (2016).

While Tom Delonge was with the Blink-182 band, he was also involved with other bands from which he recorded other musical works to his credit and that of his fellow bandmates. With the Box Car Racer band which was comprised of Travis Barker (drums, percussion), David Kennedy (lead guitar), Anthony Celestino (bass guitar), and Tom himself who played rhythm guitar, piano, and sang, they released the singles; “I Feel So” and “There Is” in 2002 and 2003 respectively. The band’s eponymous and only album Box Car Racer was released in 2002.

Following the successes he recorded in his second band, Tom Delonge then got involved with another alternative rock band named Angels and Airwaves. Notably, they produced various albums like We Don’t Need to Whisper (2006), I-Empire (2007), Love (2010), Love: Part 2 (2011), and The Dream Walker (2014) all of which were hugely successful with various chart-topping songs in them.

His life has certainly not been all about music, Delonge ventured into business in 1998 and has a vested interest in businesses spanning across various niches. Some of his businesses include Really Likable People (RLP) a holding group, – a website with a focus on youth clothing, Atticus Clothing (co-founded with Dylan Anderson and Hoppus), Macbeth Footwear which focuses on rock music inspired footwear.

He also invested in the technology sector with Modlife which however is no more. Modlife was centered on rewarding and monetizing various aspects of an artist’s work. For his interest in extraterrestrial life, the musician founded the Strange Times website which is focused on paranormal activities, conspiracy theories, extraterrestrial life, and cryptozoology.

Tom Delonge Net Worth

Music is indeed a rewarding career when one proves himself to be a talented musician, Tom DeLonge in this regard has been well rewarded for the years he has put in making songs that gladdened the hearts of so many people. The guitarist has a net worth reported to be around $80 million which came mostly from his earnings as a musician.

Tom Delonge Wife, Kids, Height, Age, Net Worth, Biography
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Family – Wife, Kids

Tom Delonge is married to his high school girlfriend Jennifer Jenkins who he’s been dating since 1996. On May 26, 2001, the two were joined in matrimony in Coronado, California on the San Diego Bay. Their union has seen to the birth of two children; a daughter born in 2002 named Ava Elizabeth DeLonge and her younger brother born in the year 2006 and named Jonas Rocket DeLonge.

There have been no rumors of a breakup neither has the marriage between the two been dragged in the mud for any reason whatsoever. For all we know, Tom Delonge and his wife Jennifer Jenkins are having the time of their lives as husband and wife and we do hope it will remain like that for a long time coming.

Height and Other Facts

The musician stands at an impressive tall height of 6 feet 3 inches or 1.93 m.

His star sign is Sagittarius (November 23 and December 21) as he was born on December 13.

Tom DeLonge has found rock bands like Blink-182, Box Car Racer, and Angels & Airwaves through the course of his career.

After high school, Tom worked as a construction worker, drove diesel trucks as well as did piping and concrete works to make ends meet.

He released his first solo album on April 21, 2015. The album was titled To the Stars… Demos, Odds, and Ends.

Tom DeLonge revealed in 2015 that he actually quit Blink-182 to further his research into an Unidentified Flying Object. He stated that he has always had a passion for space and what the future will bring to us.

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