Tom Mison Married, Wife (Charlotte Coy), Kids, Height, Bio

Tom Mison Married, Wife (Charlotte Coy), Kids, Height, Bio

Lovers of the much-publicized Fox surreal drama titled Sleepy Hollow would be familiar with the character of Ichabod Crane which was filled by the charmer Tom Mison whose charisma was potent enough to sweep audiences away. The show gave Tom so much exposure that he attained a position among the most loved actors on the small screen in no time at all.

From 2013 to date, the renowned actor has appeared in 62 episodes of Sleepy Hollow and since 2005, his appearances in television series have come to a total number of eleven in all. Tom’s other movie appearances include; Dead Cat where he played the role of Tim in 2013, and between 2006 to 2017, the celebrated actor has taken the lead role in several films which include; Heroes and Villians, Venus, Out There, Jadoo, The Creep, One Day and many others.

Tom Mison: Bio

It would appear that the social media is not overflowing with background information on the radio personality cum actor Thomas James Mison whose stage name is Tom Mison but the little we got from the internet says that he was born in Woking, Surrey, England on the 23rd day of July 1982 and passed through a sixth form college Hurtwood House which is well known for music and drama. Again, he had his professional training at the Webber-Douglas Academy where he bagged the Sir John Gielgud Trust Award.

As a student, the budding actor was really active and participated in some of Americas Conservatory Theater but his professional debut was made on the stage as he played the role of Fortinbras in Hamlet and his first appearance on television was on a series known as A Waste of Shame: The Mystery of Shakespeare and His Sonnets as Young Blood. Since then, the talented actor has appeared in ten television series but the movie titled L’Entente Cordiale marked Tom’s entrance into the big screen.

He made his debut on the radio with Deep Blue Sea in 2009 where he played the role of Freddie Page, Tom has other radio productions like The Stuarts: It Came in With a Lass, Arms and The Man, The Unending Battle, and The Cazalets to his credit.

Tom Mison Married, Wife (Charlotte Coy), Kids, Height, Bio
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Is Tom Mison Married? Wife (Charlotte Coy), Kids

It appears the much-loved Ichabod Crane of Sleepy Hollow has been taken off the market since 2014, the celebrated actor took his step into matrimony in a simple outdoor wedding which can only be described with one word, rustic. His significant other Charlotte Coy has played in the entertainment industry as a competent actress and is currently sitting on the laurels of her success as an entertainer as she explores the business world, selling vintage items through her company known as The Dotty Pigeon which has continued to gather popularity all over London as the years roll by.

Although the location of the wedding is yet to be revealed, sources have revealed that it was a private and intimate affair attended only by very close friends and family members. The bride appeared in a non-traditional wedding gown, worlds apart from what you would expect a former actress of her ilk to wear, yet she looked alluring in it.

The announcement of the wedding between Tom Mison and his bride Charlotte came as a shocker to the public because he did not previously show any sign of dating someone or having any special woman in his life. To further confuse the paparazzi, he was only seen once in public with Charlotte and that was in 2013 when Fox was having Upfronts in London. We can only conclude that the actor played a fast one on the press as he announced his wedding as a fait accompli after he must have finished his honeymoon with his bride.

Talking about kids, an English newspaper gave a report some time ago that Tom’s bride was seen with a baby bump, another source reported that she has recently taken to making toast with water instead of wine as is always the case with pregnant women who are advised to avoid wine during the duration of their pregnancy. Whatever be it may, the actor’s representative has declined to make a comment on his personal life and so, the news remains just speculation, but we believe that time would tell since pregnancy cannot be hidden forever.


Tom Mison has an oval-shaped face and an athletic body build. His height of 185 cm goes down well with his body weight of 75kg. The talented actor’s other body measurements are not known but he comes with light brown hair color and charming blue eyes. Tom has never smoked a stick of cigar in his life and has no inscription in the form of a tattoo on any part of his attractive anatomy.