Top Fitness Female Models We Are Jealous of

The fitness industry is growing bigger every year. More than ever, people are getting on the healthy lifestyle wagon, trying to exercise and stay in shape to look good and feel better about themselves. Like with everything else, people look up to others at the top of the field to inspire them to do better. Among them are some incredible fitness female models who have carved out impressive looks and appearances for themselves by working out and dieting the right way. These women are hardworking, and it shows in their fit figures. Here is our list of top fitness female models with perfect bodies that we are totally jealous of.

Fitness Female Models We Can’t Stop Admiring

Karina Lisenbee

Karina Lisenbee is one of the leading fitness female models out there. Her talent and flawless figure are in demand by fashion/sports magazines and top-notch brands. She has featured in several fitness editorials for the likes of Glamour, Self, and Shape, in which she also appeared on the magazine’s Singapore cover. She also starred in the 2015 spring campaign for Skechers.

Interestingly, Karina did not always intend to be a model, that just happened unexpectedly. She regards herself as an athlete before anything else. She is also a personal trainer and runner. The former cheerleader says the secret to her fantastic body and success is her love for exercising. Karina believes the best kind of high is the one that follows a great workout. She loves her job, and it doesn’t suck to get paid for looking fabulous and doing what makes her happy.

Sveta Bilyalova

Without a doubt, is one of the hottest fitness models there is. The social media is her platform of choice; she’s an Instagram fitness influencer, model, and blogger. Her amazing appearance is how she gained an entrance into the modelling industry. The Russian model took the fitness world by storm seemingly out of nowhere.

Sveta loves to travel for work and play. Her voluptuous figure and slender frame is the envy of her over 6 million Instagram followers and others. Sveta’s rise to fame began after she started posting pictures and videos of her workouts while trying to lose her post-pregnancy weight. Now, she helps promotes various lingerie, clothes, cosmetics, and shoe brands. She hits the gym frequently and swims with dolphins from time to time to maintain her incredible figure. From all indications, the beautiful model and her career are flourishing.

Katya Elise Henry

This beautiful female fitness model and Instagram celebrity has been building a perfect figure since she started cheerleading while in school. She achieved great body strength through intensive workouts before creating her own training regimen. Luckily for Katya, her mother is a fitness coach and she helped her find the perfect routine for the results the model desired. The results proved phenomenal as fans and followers have been tripping over their feet in awe of her toned butt and sculpted abs.

has been a true inspiration to lots of people trying to get the body they desire, and she is very much in demand as a fitness instructor. However, exercises are not solely responsible for her perfect body, a strict healthy vegan diet also factors in. One thing is for sure, Katya has a body we would gladly go to war over, and she knows it.

Lais DeLeon

This Brazilian model began working out when she was only 19 to deal with her body issues. She didn’t quite like the way some parts of her body looked so she took up fitness as a way to process it in a healthy manner and improve her looks. She then ventured into modelling, and before long, fitness became an obsession. Lais decided to merge these two passions and her career as a fitness model took off.

Lady DeLeon did a lot of weight lifting to get her sculpted body where it is, and her battalion of followers certainly appreciate the effort. She is also setting new body transformation goals and meeting them. Lais trains 5 days a week and eats 8 meals every day to keep her body’s metabolism up and functioning. Her fitness and nutrition instructions are readily available for download.

Jen Selter

It’s pretty obvious that Jennifer Selter has already made a name for herself as a fitness model. However, her path to the top wasn’t straightforward. After graduation, she began working two jobs part-time: as a front desk receptionist at a plastic surgery outlet and in a gym. Her time at the former job had raised some controversy about how genuine her butt is. Jen has made it clear that the only plastic surgery she has done was on her nose to correct its shape, and she was barely a teenager at the time.

Jen began training at the gym, pictures of her figure began raking in a lot of attention, and soon she was appearing in magazines like Vanity Fair, Playboy, Elle, Maxim, FHM, and Men’s Health. She also features on shows as a fitness expert and has been named one of 99 most desirable women. In fact, her booty has its own hashtag, #Seltering.

Damaris Lewis

Not a lot of fitness female models can boast of having half the resume that Damaris has built for herself. She struck an elegant pose on the cover of Fitness magazine in June 2013 and had starred in three editions of Sports Illustrated. Damaris is one of the faces behind Nike’s Pro Rival Bra campaign. The stunning and talented beauty does a lot of shoots for fitness when she’s not busy doing cool things such as closing runway shows at the New York Fashion Week, collaborating with NBA style teams, and interviewing .

She worked as a backup dancer for the legendary , an experience she describes as surreal. She also appeared in the New Girl episode where Prince made a guest appearance. How many people can boast of being on the same stage as Prince while the icon belted out lyrics to purple rain? That’s enough to be jealous of.

Christi Maraccini

Christi entered the beauty pageant business when she was a teenager, and her tomboy-esque appearance meant that a career as a fitness model was pretty much unavoidable. She once won the Miss Italia USA pageant and has been on the cover of Fitness magazine. Christi has also featured in spreads for Runner’s World and Cosmopolitan. Interestingly, Christi is an athlete and has played a variety of sports, which enables her to be able to pull off eight-hour fitness shoots without experiencing fatigue. Her affair with sports has allowed her to learn the right techniques, motion, and forms that come in handy when executing some tricky movements.

It’s not hard to love Christi’s physique and the amount of work she has put into being fit. Her figure is mesmerising and she loves the opportunities it brings her way. The gorgeous model loves working as a fitness model, especially how it allows her to find family in the weirdest places.

Massy Arias

Massy is very popular not just as a fitness model, but also for the inspiring captions and quotes that she puts up on her social media accounts. She is also a personal trainer with a take-charge attitude and an impressive following on Instagram.

The incredible model is very particular about the kind of food she eats. Most of her diet is paleo-based and infused with plenty of animal proteins like pork chops, eggs, and chicken breasts. Leafy greens are also a permanent fixture in her meals, and she tries to incorporate a lot of complex carbohydrates for muscle gain. For this fitness expert, it’s important to balance things out to avoid getting burned out. If her body is anything to go by, Massy has this fitness game on lockdown.

Jam Murphy

It doesn’t take much to figure out that Jam is one of the top fitness female models there is. She has been in the pages of several popular magazines like Cosmopolitan, Shape, and Self magazine. She has also featured in billboards for Gapfit and Champion around Los Angeles and New York City. Some people might recognise her from the Women’s Health Next Fitness Star contest, in which she was a finalist.

As a fitness model, Jam’s face is everywhere and a lot of top-level brands cannot wait to feature her in their shoots and campaigns. However, for this beautiful model, fame is not the reason why she does it, she loves making the kind of pictures that people can be inspired by.

Paige Hathaway

Paige is a fitness icon and proof that we can make anything out of ourselves if we put our minds to it. She didn’t have the best life or time growing up. Her father was addicted to alcohol, so her mother divorced him, and Paige was in and out of foster homes for a while until she turned 16 and set out on her own. She worked several jobs to make ends meet, while studying in college, and training at the gym.

began rising to the top of the fitness industry when she won second prize in the 2012 Ronnie Coleman Classic. After that, the offers began rolling in; bodybuilding and nutrition companies wanted her promoting their brands. She got featured on numerous fitness magazines, and her fame has continued to grow by leaps and bounds. Paige is high up on the list of fitness female models with a physique that we are forever envious of.

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