Trieste Kelly Dunn – Biography, Ethnicity, Movies And TV Shows

There are celebrities who are noted for being quite prolific in their chosen careers and same can be said for Trieste Kelly Dunn – a popular movie and television actress who burst into the limelight on the set of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in 2006. She has since featured in over 40 movies and television shows and has won a few awards and nominations for her various screen appearances. Notable among her awards are the Festival Prize which she bagged in Brooklyn Horror Film Festival for her role in The Push (2016) and a second Festival Award for her efforts in the same movie but in the category of Best Actress in a Short Film in Northeast Film Festival.

Trieste Kelly Dunn – Biography, Ethnicity

Her place of birth is Provo, Utah, which makes her an American national and she was born on 14th January 1981. Trieste Kelly’s ethnicity is Caucasian. The famed actress is yet to share the details of her family background and nobody is privy to information on her formative years. The identity of her family members has also not been shared by the star but it is public knowledge that she had a lot of support from her parents, especially during the early years of her career in acting.

On her academics, there is no information on her early education and institutions attended but she obviously completed high school before proceeding to North Carolina School of the Arts where she majored in Theater. A source reported that Trieste is an alumna of Arizona State University where she bagged a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Before her professional debut, the popular actress was already active in numerous student productions during her years in school. Notable among her roles then was when she portrayed the character of Miho in the television mini-series titled Marriage. A couple of years passed after her professional debut before she got her big break, playing the role of Gloria Kulhane on the set of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – a TV series which earned her high appraisal from fans and the viewing public.

It is common knowledge that the limelight brings with it, a lot of fame and popularity which breeds rumors and controversies if not well handled. Trieste Kelly Dunn had her fair share of controversies when her nude photos got leaked online. As if that was not enough, hackers also got to her sex videos and released them.

Movies and TV Shows

Although it was uncredited, she made her debut on Mysterious Skin in 2004 as Date in ‘Blood Prom’. 2005 saw her on the set of Little Chicago, playing the role of Kammy and the same year, she was cast as Liz in Building Girl.

In 2006, she burst to the limelight as Gloria Kulhane on the set of in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, that same year saw her portraying Deora Frances Bodley in United 93. Since then, Trieste Kelly Dunn has made appearances in over 40 productions, both movies, and television shows. Some of which include the 2008 film, Canterbury’s Law as Molly McConnell. She did three films in 2009 – Bored to Death as Sophia, Cupid as Sonja and Fringe as Valerie Boone. The next year, 2010, also saw her on the sets of three different productions – Cold Weather as Gail, The New Year as Sunny and Vacation! as Donna.

In 2011, she portrayed Lori Lyn in Brothers and Sisters. She came in as Siobhan Kelly in the series Banshee and lasted from 2013 to 2014. Trieste Kelly Dunn was part of the 2013 Golden Boy as Margot Dixon and in 2014, she appeared in Believe as Elizabeth Farrell. She played Nicki in Applesauce (2015) and from that same year to date, she has been portraying the character of Allison “Allie” Knight in Blindshot. The prolific actress did a couple of movies in 2016 including Almost There as Natalie and Bull as Captain Taylor Mathison. She was on the set of three films in 2017 – she played Alison in Infinite Baby, Jennifer in Blame and Amber in The Misogynists. Her most recent role is that of Sophie Bishop on the set of Elementary.

Her other acting projects include The Push, Manhunt: Unabomber, Jay & Pluto, Royal Pains, The Good Wife, Banshee Origins, Loves Her Gun, The Craigslist Killer, Plato’s Reality Machine, and Million Dollar Mind Game.