UberHaxorNova (James Wilson) Net Worth, Girlfriend, Age, Mom, Wiki

UberHaxorNova (James Wilson) Net Worth, Girlfriend, Age, Mom, Wiki

Born James Wilson on June 1, 1990, UberHaxorNova is a celebrity of a different kind. It is almost impossible for any live game streaming fan to not know the name. In his niche, Uber is something of a demi-god with millions of followers on YouTube.

The 90s baby, or as he is mostly called by fans, Nova has evolved his craft over the years and held varying responsibilities. This continuous adaptation is probably the reason this YouTube commentator, gamer, and comedian has stayed relevant.

Early days with his mom

Before James Wilson became UberHaxorNova, he was like most kids, who didn’t have a lot going for them and their families. He was raised by his mother. He used to work at a Twizzlers factory, where he sold hot dogs. At the time, he lived with his mother and their dogs in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. However, he would soon turn to YouTube which was the instrument that helped to turn his fortunes around.

James Wilson’s early YouTube days

On April 4, 2008, then 16-year-old Wilson launched his first YouTube channel. At the time he uploaded Machinima, Machinima Respawn, and short Let’s Play videos. It was the latter that would push him towards online gaming stardom. After he had focused solely on making Let’s Play videos with commentaries, he worked a lot with fellow YouTube gamer, Sp00nerism various times on multi-player game series for the video game, Dead Rising 2.

This new focus soon earned him recognition as one of the best-known gaming channels on YouTube. His channel’s growth also earned him a collaboration with PewDiePie, who had the most subscribed YouTube channel at the time.

James Wilson’s time with the Creatures, and forming Cow Chop

Nova’s continued collaboration with Sp00nerism on many multi-player series eventually caught the attention of a group known as The Creatures. This group was made up of people who were YouTube commentators and Machinima makers, two skills that happened to be right up Nova’s alley. He collaborated with Sp00n and some members of the group for some time before he officially became a member of The Creatures.

Wilson began to appear regularly on Creature Talk videos. He even had his own intro for his videos. One of his most successful series was about the game Happy Wheels. It even caught the attention of the original game maker, Jim Bonacci, who reached out to collaborate with him. The Creatures are a very big part of UberHoxarNova’s online gaming success.

At a point in their existence, The Creatures, in a bid to boost their inspiration for content creation, moved into several large residentials from where they worked. It was at this time, however, that the members of the creative group began to experience complications with each other. This led to a lot of member cycling, with many members leaving and many joining. Most memorable was the voting out of longtime member Max, aka GassyMexican in 2012. He was severed from the team for not contributing nearly as much as the others.

During the vote, Nova didn’t choose a side but merely voiced his opinion on the matter. This was eventually counted as a vote against Max. The group continued to spiral as many founding and early members continued to leave. This heavily impacted the group’s subscription count and fan base.

On April 30th,  2016, Wilson officially left the group with fellow Creatures member TheImmortalHD, aka, Aleksandr. They left with two interns from the group, Joe and Aron, to start up their own channel Cow Chop. Their leaving was sparked by a sharp disagreement with the executive arm of the group, as to the direction they wanted to take the company. Wilson’s leaving hurt the Creatures more than every other exit as he was the group’s most subscribed channel. The group would later officially disband in 2017.

UberHaxorNova (James Wilson) Net Worth, Girlfriend, Age, Mom, Wiki
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Wilson started to upload videos to the Cow Chop channel in prior to their official announcement of their breakup with The Creatures. He also regularly uploaded co-op multiplayer Let’s Play videos with his friend and Cow Chop co-founder, ImmortalHD, popularly known as Aleks.

In these videos and in reality, Nova has continued in his hyperactive nature, breaking down doors, nearly drowning in rivers, playing with fireworks indoors and a lot of other crazy stuff. At one time, he nearly blinded himself with bleach.

James Wilson relationships

If there is one thing James Wilson knows how to keep secret, it’s his dating status. Fans have tried for a long time to uncover Nova’s dating history and current dating status. However, there is no information online that has done anything to help the search.

All his fans have to go on is a cryptic message from a Twitter user @Ven0mkisser. The user has been rumored to be Wilson’s girlfriend and her tweets about taking a pregnancy test only helped to stoke the fire.

Also, on Reddit, there was talk about an episode of the Creature Talk series, where Nova appeared to be nodding his head when it was assumed that he had a girlfriend. There has been no confirmation about this since then.

How wealthy is James Wilson?

Wilson was involved in making Machinima videos at a time when Machinima was in its prime. What’s more, he also achieved this success with arguably the top Machinima and YouTube gaming group at the time.

He has also had good success with his subsequent project, Cow Chop along with his solo channels which include the dedicated WWE gaming, “NovaPipeBomb”. UberHaxorNova’s net worth has not been officially revealed but some online sources peg it at around $3 million.