Uncut Gems: Facts About the Crime-drama’s Release, Cast & Rating

Uncut Gems: Facts About the Crime-drama’s Release, Cast & Rating

On the 30th of August 2019, Uncut Gems made its world premiere at the Telluride Film Festival and a couple of months later in October 2019 it was among the films screened at The New York Film Festival. Uncut Gem is a film that has critics excited so much that they think it is the best movie of the often ridiculed movie career of funnyman Adam Sandler. He plays the lead role of Howard Ratner a jewelry store owner who is not afraid to take risks much to his own detriment. He attempts to sell a diamond from Ethiopia to then-basketball star Kevin Garnett but things don’t go as planned and his problems are compounded by his huge debts.

When Will The Crime-drama Be Released

While film critics have already had the opportunity to view Uncut Gems the rest of the world would have to wait until December 13th, 2019 when the film would hit theaters in the US. However, the release on the 13th of December would only be limited, other parts of the world won’t be able to view the movie until its wide release date slated for Christmas day (25th December) of 2019.

Though this release date might have much thinking that it is a Christmas movie – no it isn’t. Uncut Gems as the September released trailer revealed has nothing Christmassy about it. It is filled with cuss words, and what Vanity Fair refers to as “dirtbaggery and Furby-slinging” both adjectives which describe Sandler’s character, Howard.

Set in the fast-paced city of New York, Uncut Gems much like the city has been described as frenetic and commended for its accurate depiction of New York’s ambiance. Howard’s love for risk sees him gamble other people’s money which has put him in huge debt and scenes from the trailer show him running from his debtors as they hunt him down.

Another scene shows him engaging in a fist-fight with one of the characters (which we suspect is one of his debtors) who is portrayed by the ace rapper The Weekend. All of these, of course, is sprinkled with a dose of comedy – black comedy.

The screening at film festivals has given away many spoilers. An article by the New York Post reveals that Howard cheats on his suffering wife named Dinah – while she is busy holding the fort at their house in New Jersey, Howard is away cheating with his assistant Julia Holmes at his apartment in New York. Whether the spoilers would scare away viewers or attract them to the theaters come 13th December and 30th December would be revealed in the box office numbers by the end of the year.

Uncut Gems Cast – Which Actors Are In The Movie?

Uncut Gems features a blend of interesting characters portrayed by actors who have never had the chance to work together. While Adam Sandler plays the lead character of Howard Ratner, his wife Dinah is portrayed by Idina Menzel who is also renowned for her strong vocals.

Uncut Gems: Facts About the Crime-drama’s Release, Cast & Rating
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Set in 2012, Uncut Gems sees the now-retired Kevin Garnett play as himself – an NBA star of the Boston Celtics. He temporarily trades his basketball championship ring with Howard’s gem from Africa. In addition to Kevin Garnett and The Weekend, the movie also features another non-actor in the person of Mike Francesa – a sports radio host known for his works in the New York station WFAN. Unlike other non-actors, he doesn’t appear as himself but plays the role of Gary. The other non-actor to make a cameo in the film is rapper Trinidad James.

The blend of actors and non-actors in the cast of Uncut Gems has been commended as a move that makes the film seem very real, something that the Safdie brothers (Josh and Benny Safdie) – the directing duo of the movie said was done intentionally to achieve the aim in which it did. Veteran actor Eric Bogosian who played the role of Arno spoke of his experience working with two directors at the same time; he said that though it wasn’t what he was used to, it was ultimately enjoyable.

There are a couple of fresh faces in new actress Julia Fox who portrayed Howard’s concubine Julia Holmes and child actor Keith Williams. Rounding up the cast of Uncut Gems are Lakeith Stanfield, Judd Hirsch, Paloma Elsesser, and Pom Klementieff.

Uncut Gems Rating

The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) rating of Uncut Gems is R. This means that it isn’t suitable for young audiences due to its use of strong language, sexual content, violence and a brief scene where the drug is abused.