Understanding The Enigma That Is Trinidad Cardona – His Music and Early Life

There are different ways through which people gain fame nowadays, for Trinidad Cardona, it was through a song of his that went viral. Interestingly, the song “Jennifer” didn’t go through all the studio prepping that most songs get but it still went viral on virtually all the social media platforms and brought the youngster all the popularity he now enjoys.

In January 2018, Island Records signed Trinidad with the CEO of the label (David Massey) asserting that he saw great potentials in the young artist. Learn more about the Afro-Mexican singer below.

How Trinidad Cardona Spent His Early Life

It has been established that he was born on the 23rd of May 1999 in Phoenix, Arizona. The ever-smiling and positive teen was raised by two lesbian mothers. His father is said to be in prison. Much isn’t known about his education but we can confirm he graduated from high school in 2017.

As a kid raised by lesbian parents, Trinidad Cardona faced more than his fair share of challenges. Thankfully, he didn’t allow the issues to mess him up, this has a lot to do with the love and support he got from his parents. According to him, his personal life and experiences are prominent among the things that drive and inspire him to reach out to people.

While he has always been talented, Trinidad was already 16 years old by the time he decided to take music seriously. He explored the art of composing and singing songs which earned him quite a good number of fans in his hometown. He initially did this as a pastime but over time, he realized that he has become popular; such that warranted his pursuit of a career in music. “Summer Love” is one of the first tracks he dropped.

His Rise to Fame and Musical Exploits 

Did you know that the song that ushered Trinidad Cardona into the limelight was not planned or meant to be a real song? He was just singing in the bathroom and his friend began recording him. As soon as he was done singing, the said friend uploaded the clip online and what began as a playful freestyle turned into a viral hit for the talented teen.

Barely 24 hours after the clip went online, it garnered seven million views and fans began asking him to make a video of it. Trinidad admitted he had to make it a song after a fan made a four-minute loop of the song and got a million views. Now, the song has different versions.

By January 2018, the song had garnered over 18 million views on YouTube. After he made a video for the song, he dropped an EP titled Jennifer which included other tracks like “You Are Mine” and “Ready”.

Also in January 2018, he was signed by Island Records, a label well known in the Caribbean for having housed great Caribbean talents like Bob Marley, Gregory Issacs, and many more. The CEO of the record label said he knew Trinidad Cardona was a potential star after listening to Jennifer, and that he couldn’t resist signing him on the spot. February came and the upcoming R&B star released a new single titled “Dinero”. In 2019, he collaborated with Mere (Meredith Reeves) whom he’s said to be dating and dropped a song titled “Trust”.

Fun Facts Worth Knowing About Trinidad Cardona

1. Before gaining popularity online through his viral song, Trinidad was already popular in his hometown. From what we gathered, he first developed a love for the dancehall genre before switching to R&B. Thus, he listened to the likes of Tommy Lee, Popcaan, and Vybz Kartel. Michael Jackson is also one of those who influenced him.

2. After the Jennifer clip got out on the internet, Kelly Rowland shared it on Facebook. Many have insisted that this has a lot to do with the attention the song got.

3. Trinidad Cardona’s huge online fan base first came from Facebook, where the Jennifer clip that made him popular was first uploaded. His account was once hacked and he had to begin from scratch to build his audience.

4. The musician is quite an activist and he doesn’t shy away from expressing his take on controversial issues. Here’s an instance:

5. Trinidad Cardona once expressed that he wants people to listen to his songs and realize it’s alright to be different. For him, it is important for people to embrace who they really are.

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