Unraveling Dr. Disrespect (Guy Beahm) And The Cheating Confession That Threatened His Marriage

Unraveling Dr. Disrespect (Guy Beahm) And The Cheating Confession That Threatened His Marriage

Attaining celebrity status in contemporary times is no longer a feat limited mainly to musicians, actors, and other professionals in the entertainment industry. A new crop of entertainers is attaining celebrity statuses for doing things we would ordinarily have done on our own. Take, for instance, video game players who in recent times have been coming to global prominence from the comfort of their homes. Someone like the professional game player, Dr. Disrespect is a typical example of such.

Wondering how mere video game players manage to make it to global fame? You just have to read this story of Dr. Disrespect. In addition to that, we will also serve you the latest gist pertaining to the cheating scandal he confessed to and how his wife took it all in.

Everything You Need To Know About Dr. Disrespect And How He Became Famous

Dr. Disrespect who is famous for his YouTube gaming videos and Twitch.tv streams was born on March 10, 1982, in Encinitas, California. He is of Caucasian ethnicity.

Dr. DisRespect is the character he represents in video games. He took up the larger-than-life persona in 2004 during the Halo 2 Xbox game. That was about a year before he graduated from California State Polytechnic University. The moniker has grown in popularity through the years to overshadow his real name which is Herschel Beahm. Prior to becoming Dr. DisRespect, he went by the Gamertag, Diarrhea Panic. He is also popular as Guy Beahm.

The Gamer’s Career Beginnings

Dr. Disrespect began his YouTube career in 2010, precisely on the 11th of January, the day he uploaded his first game on the website. During those days, Disrespect mainly played the popular shooter video game, Call of Duty. In his first video, he was playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The Doc as he is also called subsequently made his professional gaming debut in 2011, precisely on the 16th of March. That was when he started working as the community manager of Sledgehammer Games, one of America’s leading game developers with large acceptance and loyalty to game enthusiasts within and outside the country.

Owing to his exceptional skills, Dr. Disrespect rose to the position of the company’s game level designer the next year, with his responsibilities including creating a variety of game maps. His skills also earned him a job with an online streaming company, Justin.tv, now Twitch.tv. Disrespect’s job with Twitch exposed him more to video streaming and in 2015, he decided to quit his job with Sledgehammer to go into full-time internet gaming, subsequently creating the Twitch channel, drdisRespectlive in 2016 and streaming from 6 to 8 hours every weekday.

His Rise To Fame And Career Milestones He Has Attained So Far

Following his move to live game streaming, Dr. Disrespect garnered a massive following and grew his popularity the more with Battle Royale games like PUBG, H1Z1, FBR, and so on. He went on to win the 2015 and 2016 Blockbuster Video Game Champion of the World. The next year being 2017 saw him receive Esports Industry Awards’ “Streamer of the Year” and Game Awards’ “Trending Gamer”. In 2019, he once again won Esports’s Streamer of the Year. As of early 2020, Dr. Disrespect has garnered over 1.38 million subscribers on YouTube. On Twitch, he has so far amassed more than 157 million views and over 3.9 million followers tagged the “Slick Daddy Club” members.

In addition to playing games, The Doc is also popular for its gaming costumes and apparel. His internet popularity has as well earned him endorsement and sponsorship deals with big companies like ASUS, Gillette, G Fuel, Razer, and so on. He equally landed a client signing with America’s prestigious Creative Artists Agency.

Who Is Dr. Disrespect Wife? 

Dr. Disrespect has a wife casually known as Mrs. Assassin. The duo married in 2014 3 and subsequently welcomed a daughter who was born in October 2014 and later named Alana Beahm. Reports have it that his wife suffered a miscarriage in mid-2018. Thus, Alana is still the couple’s only known child as of this writing.

Unraveling Dr. Disrespect (Guy Beahm) And The Cheating Confession That Threatened His Marriage
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Meanwhile, the celebrity gamer has succeeded to a great extent in keeping his family out of the public discussion. he has, however, made passing mention of his wife, daughter, and family, in a few of his tweets. For instance, in 2016, he wished a certain @StephenCurry30 on Twitter a happy new year with photos of his infant daughter; thus revealing he has a baby girl with his wife. Disrespect’s wife also appeared with him at the Esports Awards gala in 2017.

The Doc’s Cheating Confession And What It Resulted To

Unfortunately, Dr. Disrepect’s massive online popularity and the demands of his streaming career began to affect his relationship negatively. He would scarcely find time to spend with his wife whom he revealed he cheated on as his career boomed. He made the ugly revelation in an emotional video he posted on December 14, 2017. Lending credence to his confession, one of The Doc’s moderators called OHMEGA also revealed that he knows the women, 4 of them to be precise with whom the gamer cheated from 2015 (when he entered full-time streaming) to 2017. To make amends, Dr. Disrespect took a break from game streaming in December 2017, returning in February 2018.

Following his confession, fans speculated about the possibility of his wife leaving him. However, Ms. Assain never did so as they are still together after all. Instead of separating, the couple decided to rebuild their relationship, Dr. Disrespect revealed this after his comeback.